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    Mr. Woodworth is an idiot for making light of his clients. I bet he himself has a bunker and if he doesn’t well then one less person who ignores the signs around himself…. better for the gene pool. I imagine he’ll be receiving less calls after that thoughtless comment.

    The other thing I noted was the stupidity of people claiming not to be “preppers” or survivalists. What do they think they are doing that is so different? They are preparing for emergencies and they prepare to survive emergencies and social chaos or nuclear fallout or whatever. This is exactly what preppers and survivalists have been doing since the Cold War.

    The whole notion or label of “Doomsday Preppers” is the result the TV show by the same name. And even that show represented a wide group of people, some paranoid and others simply feeling aware of impending future problems or who simply want to be prepared if trouble comes their way. And in light of all the deaths, injuries and suffering that occurs when floods, tornadoes, power outages and other situations occur, it’s wise and logical to be ready and properly equipped and pragmatic individuals know that it’s better to prepare than to hope for rescue from the government or blindly assume that nothing will happen to them and their families.

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