Tyranny of the Majority

Democrats push for unfettered majority rule because they see it as their means to permanent empowerment.  The concept has a certain appeal at first blush – especially for those who do not understand the dangers of pure majority rule. America has never been a nation based on a system in which a majority coalition or party would ALWAYS win.  That is what you see in authoritarian governments where minority viewpoints and powers are suppressed.  In American history, one can see the destructive nature of majority rule.  We saw it in…

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Kamala Harris Goes on Fake Border Visit

After weeks upon weeks of avoiding the southern border, President Biden’s immigration overseer, Vice President Harris, has finally traveled close to the border – well, sort of.  She visited El Paso, Texas – the political base of officeholder wannabe Beto O’Rourke.  It was also the site of a horrific mass shooting in 2019. Yes, El Paso IS technically a border town, but it is not where all the action and chaos is happening.  That is taking place about 1000 miles away in the Rio Grande Valley region.  Think of it…

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Republicans: Don’t Let the Media Divide You

Republican Elephant Broken In Pieces

One of the more obvious political strategies of Democrats and their partisan allies in the national media is the effort to reduce the number of Republican voters.  They try to shame Republican voters.  You know, if you vote Republican, you are a knuckle-dragging Neanderthal imbued with every negative human trait.  You are a mesmerized cultist scheming to overthrow the American democracy. They are trying to create a self-proving prophecy that all the “good” Republicans are abandoning the GOP in droves.  If we do not join the trend, we will be…

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CNN Takes Back Jeffery Toobin After He Did This on Zoom

Jeffrey Toobin Zoom Call

Today’s commentary deals with a story that has nothing to do with politics or important issues.  But it is just too mind-boggling to take a pass on.  It is about sexual gratification.  Now that I have your interest … Let me first say that I am by far no prude – and normally I fully support the rights of people to do as they please in private.  That includes many things some folks see as perverted or immoral.  As long as the please is not hurtful or harmful to others…

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The Dirty Truth About Voter Suppression

Before I get into any of the details, allow me to make an overarching observation.  If you believe that you experience voter suppression, you are either an unthinking political partisan or  …  I hate to say … an idiot.  There is not a mentally competent person in American who cannot “easily” cast a ballot – if they so desire. For the better part of 200 years, Americans had to vote between the hours of six in the morning and six in the evening on Election DAY. Absentee voting was strictly…

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“Statler” Is Back – But It’s Not Who You Think

Richard Painter

You may know Statler as that cranky opinionated old man from “The Muppets” shown above.  With his expressionless face and gravel voice, Statler spews his personal criticisms with hyperbole and supercilious arrogance.  Statler is very funny because you can readily see the satirical silliness of his nature. When I say that “Statler” is back, I am not referring to the Muppet puppet, but rather his real-life doppelganger – a guy named Richard Painter.  To my eye, Statler is a visual caricature of Painter – in looks, voice and demeanor. I made…

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What Can Be Done About the Mass Shootings?

Map Of Mass Shootings In 2021

I was watching a Ron Paul television commercial in which the father of Senator Rand Paul was peddling a Stanberry Research financial planning program that is based on a prediction of an imminent financial collapse.  It was virtually identical to the same fearmongering ads in past years.  No such collapse happened.  But if you predict a financial turn down often enough, you will eventually be correct. To bring the point home to a friend as we drove home, I claimed to be prescient – a mystic.  And to prove my…

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The Shutdown’s Growing Health Crisis

Lock On Gate

When Covid-19 reared its ugly head at the beginning of 2020, Democrat leaders invoked their longstanding fearmongering strategy based on never letting a crisis go to waste.  That cynical advice was proffered by former White House Chief-of-Staff and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel who said: “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” Facts be known, Emanuel was committing “a Biden: by plagiarizing the quote from Winston Churchill. When Democrats take…

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The Media Created Marjorie Taylor Greene

Marjorie Taylor Greene

If our nation was not so divided … and the political passions were not so intense … and the media was not so biased … we could discuss Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene in a rational manner – or we might not be discussing her at all.  But not today. By my measure of objectivity, we should be able to say that Greene does occasionally say some stupid things.  I personally think her comparison of mask wearing to the mandatory six-pointed star in Nazi Germany was over the top.  It…

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Defunding the Police Is Not the Only Problem

Blue Lives Matter Protest

As predicted … there is a SHARP rise in major crimes in our big cities.  We see some reporting on the growing problem – more in the conservative media and less in the progressive media. Once the defund-the-police movement became a rallying point for the radical left – and an unofficial plank in the Democratic Party platform – those of us on the right – and in the right – predicted that crime would notch up across the country – and especially where the defunding idiocy was put into practice. …

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