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    Beth Stenman

    This is about control, not health. I wish that more people would recognize this for what it is.

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    George Bini

    To the Mayor’s of City of Miami and of Miami Beach, I here by inform you that I will be filing a Lawsuit in Federal Court banning your orders for people to wear a mask, while out in public, or face fines, your Orders are Unconstitutional, and unenforceable by Federal Law, Whereas , MARSHALL LAW, has ” NOT” been “declared ” by the “PRESIDENT ” and only the PRESIDENT can declare the same, your orders are unenforceable, illegal, & unlawful, if you doubt My intensions, I must warn you, I’m 4&0 in FEDERAL COURT Lawsuits, ( that’s 4 wins 0 losses )…

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    They better start reading reports as to how dangerous it is to breath back your own Carbon Dioxide and the bacteria from your own mouth which is on the inner part of the mask touching your face before they make any false claims about how effective the mask is or is not.

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    You can get arrested and fined for no mask but its ok for the criminals gangs to destroy our economy and kill people.
    Trump 2020

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