Florida takes on Big Tech

Yesterday, I wrote an article on Facebook banning a business in Florida from advertising a new line of products in support of first responders and law enforcement officers. In my opinion, this sort of censorship should never happen within our nation to any citizen with any opinion or desire to support anything they choose to. No matter if it is online or offline. Apparently, and thankfully, I am not the only American who carries this opinion. As I wrote in the article, I had missed some new news that Florida…

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Defunding the Police Is Not the Only Problem

Blue Lives Matter Protest

As predicted … there is a SHARP rise in major crimes in our big cities.  We see some reporting on the growing problem – more in the conservative media and less in the progressive media. Once the defund-the-police movement became a rallying point for the radical left – and an unofficial plank in the Democratic Party platform – those of us on the right – and in the right – predicted that crime would notch up across the country – and especially where the defunding idiocy was put into practice. …

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