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    it never fails…”To find out what the Dems are up to, just listen what they’re accusing the Republicans of!”

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    I’ed Like to know when all these low life pieces of you know what are going to be made to pay for what they have done lf it was you or be me we would be behind bars right now but these law breakers or still holding an office or walking free with money to buy their way out this has got to stop now and they need to pay

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    No one will go to jail for this not because they are innosense but because Washington is one big click. Like Hillary said If she went to jail she would take half of WASHINGTON with her With Hillary and Bills past they could and have by some accounts gotten by with murder There is no one including AG BARR that has the guts to open that can of worms, Like Hillary Biden is under that golden umbrella with that get out of jail free card.

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