How to Make America’s Public Servant Agencies Cool Again

When I was a kid, I wanted to grow up to be a cop. I remember recently finding an old survey from Elementary school asking what I wanted to be as an adult. I was surprised to see that even at an early age I wrote down ‘police officer’. I wanted to help keep people safe so they could live out their lives. As a teenager, I remember drawing upon those same thoughts and wanting to grow up to work specifically for the CIA and to be able to travel around the world doing the same. Of course, by the time I hit high school, those gears shifted and I began to focus on creating art.

Even as a kid I did the same, writing before I knew how to spell. I began making my own movies in my backyard out in the country with neighbors. By 16, I started writing down every day. By 20, I began recording and producing my own music. Even still, my passion for improving the lives of those around me is intact. Now, as an adult, I am fortunate enough to have a writing job, as well as being a server in a restaurant that does the same, even if only during people’s dining experience while enjoying food. I still make movies, music and write books. But I still also consider myself a full-time servant of the people by my own personal actions and choice. 

Today, I look at American life and see many of the public servant agencies I grew up having love and respect for having lost much of that care and consideration from the people.

By their own actions and divisive attacks from the media, institutions from the Police force to the CIA, FBI, NSA, IRS and NSA have lost a great deal of respect from the American people. Why is this so? And not only that, is this a problem that we can fix? Can we restore faith in our institutions for the American people? How do we make these agencies cool again?


I will begin with my opinions on the Police. As an agency of public servants of the highest local order, it is a necessity for them to reestablish trust and respect. We cannot have order within our cities and states without their help on a daily basis. Without Police, the streets would be chaos. Yet I hear average people all the time call them ‘pigs’ with common phrases associated like ‘F- the police’.

This is a problem with roots from multiple angles. The Police themselves are partially to blame. The modern media is partially to blame. The people themselves are partially to blame as well. Despite the modern hate, a great majority of the emotional lashing towards the organization is frankly quite unjustified. Yes, everyday citizens are killed by law enforcement and no, that is not and will never be ok. But looking at the numbers themselves, people in America commit well over a million violent crimes every year.

Over the past decade, between 5 and 10 million property crimes per year. Around 10 million arrests happen every year. But how many people do police kill every year? Only around 1,000 on average from year to year. Not only that, but with all the talk in modern times about racism by the police, the majority of people killed by police are actually white.

In 2020 alone, police killed 457 white people, 241 black people, and 169 hispanic people.

While each individual killed by police matters and should be thoroughly investigated to true justice, this simple data goes against the common narrative that the police themselves are inherently racist. It seems more like it just happens, and it happens to people of all races. In comparison to the number of murders that happen every year or violent crimes, this is actually a shockingly low number. I would go as far to say that they, being armed citizens dealing with crime every single day across the nation, that the police force of modern times actually seems well reserved when looking at the data.×200&!3&btvi=4&fsb=1&xpc=cPeu3rkBLq&p=https%3A//

On a case-by-case analysis, I am sure we would find faults. But by the numbers, citizens hurt citizens way more than the Police hurt the citizens that they are employed to protect. I would even say that that is a good job. Not only that, but I am more than confident that the police justifiably killed some of these people. The Police do and should have the right to protect themselves when necessary. Just like every citizen in this country. We’re all human and we all have families and lives to protect. 

All that data aside, how could we improve relations between the Police and the modern everyday citizen?

This is a heavy subject and a massive undertaking of a task. But I personally believe the solution is relatively simple. To start, the legalization of marijuana would be a giant step. Many good citizens who choose to smoke marijuana as a medicine also choose to hate the Police merely because of this misunderstanding of law. If the law itself was different, the views would be as well. The majority of people, whether they use marijuana or not, are in support of the plant. Anyone who believes in God or nature knows that the plant itself does no real harm to the modern world. If the plant was legal to use for humanity here, this simple step would go a long way in rebuilding relations between Police and the population. 

This too has been used as an example of why the Police force must be racist.

But how could it be possible whenever the Police forces themselves are diverse?

Members of all races, colors, creeds and thought choose to become members of the force. How can an organization that includes leaders of all races be racist? It cannot be. I am sure there are racist police officers in this country. Just like there are racist people in this country and world. But I believe, despite the narrative from the television and media, that the majority of people on all sides support true equality.

I believe racism is of a very small number in the modern United States and it is only the media that chooses to blow this out of proportion to increase and program division lines into our streets and minds. 

Most of the modern media should be ashamed of itself for this. To help, it would be a good start to share more of the good that the Police force does every day. This is entirely up to them though as the media, and as long as funding comes from places that wish to see division, I doubt their actions will change. If we the people stopped watching the nonsense that is set and programmed to us, then they would lose their ratings and fail as a company. We need media that shares not only the truth, but the good of the truth that happens on an everyday basis all around the United States. 

Change the laws to support nature. Change the media to support humanity. Then humanity will see that the Police are not something to hate, but rather, a force to respect in the modern United States. As said, without law and order, we would have chaos. Unless you are an idiot, no person or family here wants anarchy. Thank God that there are humans with strong enough willpower to keep doing their jobs to the best of their ability every day despite the programmed hate that is taught to the most ignorant of our population. The Police, in ideal, are a force of good. We the people have the power to make it that way. Together. 


When it comes to our spy agencies and the secret services like the FBI, CIA & NSA books can and have been written upon relations between them and the citizens of America. You would hope that these would be public servant agencies of common good, built to protect the average citizen from threats to their own personal livelihoods. Hopefully, on most occasions, this is the case. As a common citizen myself, I cannot say to know either way.

It seems as if the FBI in particular has a history of setting up individuals and pushing groups into crimes without being convicted of a crime themselves for setting up events.

Stories of this happening are across the board, from drug dealing to, most recently, even the Capitol riot on January 6th. This is scary to me, as a citizen myself who happens to love the freedoms that this country is built to provide. A great deal of evidence is coming out that even the events of January 6th were set up and designed to happen in the way that they did, with no repercussions to specifically the FBI themselves.

As said before, I used to want to be a CIA agent growing up. This is different from the FBI, and I’m sure they have their fair share of mishandling as well, but I am not as aware of it happening from them. This type of problem seems to come from the FBI itself. I have no real solution here as of yet, and could write articles on articles about specific instances, but here I will keep it as a broad overview.

I want the FBI and CIA to be cool. And I want them to be forces that fight for the American people, working endlessly in the shadows of America protecting us without our full knowledge of them doing so daily.

My faith here is a bit broken though and, as said, I do not really have a solution.

Even me writing this, I am sure I could become a potential target even though I am merely just speaking the truth that I see from the information available. I suppose in order for them to be a trusted agency, they would have to police themselves too and make sure within the organizations that only what was best for the American people was what was being done there. I am not so sure that is the case.

With that said, here’s to hoping that good people still exist within public servant agencies like the FBI that are willing to stand up and protect what is right here.

I know Mike Pompeo, one of the greatest Americans I have ever seen in my lifetime, was once the head of the CIA. That, in itself, gives me hope that we may still be on the right track. We cannot make ourselves the enemy. The American people should love the people and the public servant agencies should work for the people. But that’s really all I can say for now in this article here. 

When it comes to the NSA, because of technology, I have no problem with them existing. Collecting data online and through our phones is a necessity in modern times, if only the information itself is used correctly. Like the FBI and CIA, they should be used to root out the real crimes of our nation. Drug dealers that kill citizens. Pedophiles. Thieves. Corruption, big and small. Making sure our tech companies follow the constitution. Murderers. Rapists. Sounds like common sense right? If the NSA, FBI and CIA just did that, every good citizen in America would love them for the work that they did. I am not sure why this is not the case already. Again, these are decisions and directions that they will have to choose for themselves and for the people of America. For freedom, liberty and justice for all. For truth. 

The NSA, in an article that just came out this week, just agreed to release the records on the FBI’s improper spying on over 16,000 Americans.

This is the potential for American good that I am talking about. I loved reading this and you can read the article for yourself on the Epoch Times from June 19th. Thanks NSA, keep up the (hopeful) good work. Use your technological capability to truly root out the real corruption within this country and around the world. 

I am a bit worried about the IRS as well. Read one of my articles from last week about them targeting a Christian organization and using their power to strip the rights of a religious group. This should never happen in this country. I’m not much for taxation and, if we are being taxed at all, I am all for the big companies and the rich paying their fair share. As long as it is fair and generally accepted, and the money is going towards the real public good, I can see the IRS being an agency for the good as well. But this is up to them and the public servant agencies that watch over them working together with the people of America. Again, together. For freedom, liberty and justice for all. As one nation, under God. 

Finally, I will end this article here. I could and may end up writing an entire book on just this subject here, trying to offer solutions on how to make our agencies and public servants respected and true again. Even further, to make them cool again.

But to finish, I will end with the public servant agencies that have actually maintained that coolness, respect and love through all the madness of modern times.

Thank you NASA. Thank you to our Firefighters. And thank you to our health care workers and those who work emergency services like the EMS. We wouldn’t be the nation we are without the work that you do every day. We love you.
Now let us hope that someday we can return to being able to say the same about other public servant agencies – the Police, FBI, CIA, NSA and IRS as well. The people want to love you. The people want to respect you. We just need to work together.

For people. For America’s great citizens. For freedom. For love. For liberty and justice for all. Together, as one nation under God. No matter what God is to you. No matter if you believe or not. No matter your race, class, or wealth. And no matter if you are Republican, Democratic or independent. We must work together for the future of humanity. For the future of the United States of America. Open your mind and hearts, turn off your T.V. if you have to. We must just work together again. For people. For America’s great citizens. For freedom. For liberty and justice for all. Together. 

I, personally, will not lose faith that this is possible. I thank every human known and unknown who tries to make it so. Past, present and future. Step by step. Action by action. Thought by thought. 

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