Tyranny of the Majority

Democrats push for unfettered majority rule because they see it as their means to permanent empowerment.  The concept has a certain appeal at first blush – especially for those who do not understand the dangers of pure majority rule. America has never been a nation based on a system in which a majority coalition or party would ALWAYS win.  That is what you see in authoritarian governments where minority viewpoints and powers are suppressed.  In American history, one can see the destructive nature of majority rule.  We saw it in…

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CNN Takes Back Jeffery Toobin After He Did This on Zoom

Jeffrey Toobin Zoom Call

Today’s commentary deals with a story that has nothing to do with politics or important issues.  But it is just too mind-boggling to take a pass on.  It is about sexual gratification.  Now that I have your interest … Let me first say that I am by far no prude – and normally I fully support the rights of people to do as they please in private.  That includes many things some folks see as perverted or immoral.  As long as the please is not hurtful or harmful to others…

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The Shutdown’s Growing Health Crisis

Lock On Gate

When Covid-19 reared its ugly head at the beginning of 2020, Democrat leaders invoked their longstanding fearmongering strategy based on never letting a crisis go to waste.  That cynical advice was proffered by former White House Chief-of-Staff and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel who said: “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” Facts be known, Emanuel was committing “a Biden: by plagiarizing the quote from Winston Churchill. When Democrats take…

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The Media Created Marjorie Taylor Greene

Marjorie Taylor Greene

If our nation was not so divided … and the political passions were not so intense … and the media was not so biased … we could discuss Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene in a rational manner – or we might not be discussing her at all.  But not today. By my measure of objectivity, we should be able to say that Greene does occasionally say some stupid things.  I personally think her comparison of mask wearing to the mandatory six-pointed star in Nazi Germany was over the top.  It…

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Midterm Election Predictions for the GOP

Elephant And Donkey Next To Capitol

Looking at the political landscape at this moment, it appears that Republican candidates are facing a challenging situation in the 2022 midterm elections.  But my gut tells me that they will beat the odds. First, there is the tradition of the party of a first-term President losing seats in Congress.  That is truer for the House than the Senate, however. In the House, Republicans only need to flip four seats to take control – not counting four current vacancies.  In normal times, this would not be a steep hill to…

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New Florida Law Protects Ballot Boxes

Ron DeSantis

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) this week signed a bill that aims to improve election security by restricting access to ballot boxes. Similar measures are under consideration in Texas and Arizona. The law, which passed without support from Democrats, is among several election reform measures championed by DeSantis following reports of voter fraud during the 2020 election. Details include: Absentee voters must submit new requests each election cycle. Absentee requests must include a DLN, state ID, or Social Security number. Members of the general public cannot distribute food/water to voters…

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Why This Congressman Switched Sides

Joe Walsh

Joe Walsh was a political friend and ally for a number of years.  If you are not familiar with him, he was a one-term Republican congressman – where he earned a reputation of being a hot-headed show boater.  After losing his congressional seat, Walsh became a conservative talk show host. Walsh pursued his conservative ideology with passion and flair.  He was a showman.  In speeches, he would scream at the audience to get a point across.  He would jump on chairs and bounce around on a stage like a human…

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Look Who Wants to Pack the Court

According to the radical Progressive wing of the Democratic party – which now includes both President Biden and Vice President Harris – the only proper government is one in which they control all the levers.  The only issues to be considered are those advanced by the political left – and all other opinions are to be censored one way or another. The current example of their authoritarian objective is the result of President Trump appointing three members to the Supreme Court – shifting the balance in favor of the more…

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Will Biden Pack the Courts?

Supreme Court With Blue Paint

President Franklin Roosevelt tried it and failed – even with overwhelming majorities in Congress.  That was because there were still a lot of Democrats opposed to authoritarian power grabs.  Apparently, the Party moderates that were once known as “blue dog Democrats” are now politically “dead dogs.” Back in the days when President Biden could honestly claim to be a moderate Democrat – willing to work across the aisle – he thought packing the court was a hairbrained idea.  That is not the same Biden sitting in the Oval Office today.…

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Is Biden Abusing Kids to Appease the Left?

Migrants Waiting Outside Fence At Border

President Biden used his first day in office to ceremoniously cancel virtually all of President Trump’s immigration policies – even cancelling the paid-for and partially constructed border wall. The harshest criticism of the Trump administration was its allegedly mistreatment of kids – and families with kids.  There was the issue of family separation.  Even at the end of the Trump administration, Democrats and the media were pouncing on Trump for the hundreds of children who were not yet re-united with their families. It was a dishonest criticism.  It was said…

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