The Media Created Marjorie Taylor Greene

Marjorie Taylor Greene

If our nation was not so divided … and the political passions were not so intense … and the media was not so biased … we could discuss Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene in a rational manner – or we might not be discussing her at all.  But not today.

By my measure of objectivity, we should be able to say that Greene does occasionally say some stupid things.  I personally think her comparison of mask wearing to the mandatory six-pointed star in Nazi Germany was over the top.  It was a maladroit equivalency, to say the least.

When I first heard her comment, I thought the analogy was stupid – especially considering the media’s ravenous hunger for anything to spin into a negative narrative about the congresswoman.  Unfortunately, that is not difficult with her history of head-scratching comments.

According to the media hyperbolic spin, Greene’s remarks were anti-Semitic.  But that is only spin. Maybe stupid, but definitely not anti-Semitic.  Though her comparisons of mask rules and the infamous yellow stars was an inappropriate comparison, Greene was comparing her opinion of the badness of mandatory mask wearing with the badness of the yellow stars.  As exaggerated has her claim may be, it was sympathetic to the plight of the Jews in pre-World War II Germany.  Both were bad, in her mind.  It was the scope of the badness in each case that makes the comparison illegitimate.

Saying stupid stuff is not unique in politics.  I recall Georgia Democrat Congressman Hank Johnson asking a Navy Admiral if we should not worry that Guam would capsize if we put too much military equipment on one side of the island.  Then there is Democrat Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal.  When it was shown that he lied a number of times about his having fought in Vietnam, he essentially said he forgot that he was never in battle.  But I understand.  I recently forgot that I was not the guy who shot Osama bin Ladin.

And then there is California Congresswoman Maxine Waters who is a constant source of stupid and provocative statements – such as calling on supporters to harass Republican officials in public.  The left-wing media does not jump all over her – and we do not have to wonder why.

In past times, Greene’s remarks would have gone largely unnoticed – not much media attention beyond her district with criticism limited to political challengers in a primary or general election. 

So, why is Greene the top news story of every other day?  The answer is simple.  The left-wing media has puffed her up to be the biggest straw man imaginable – a fictitious characterization to be more easily refuted.  They want to make her media-driven caricature the face and voice of the Republican Party.  She is not. 

Greene may be a voice IN the GO – with a following — but not OF the GOP.  In fact, no one person is.  No organizations as large as the Republican Party can be characterized by monolithic opinion.  The closest thing we have to that is the Democratic Party’s solidarity when it comes to issues of power – and even that is only the top echelon leadership.  Grassroots Democrats are much more diverse than the Party leaders in Washington.  That is why so many Democrats vote for Republican candidates.

But what to do about Greene?

Since being hanged, drawn and quartered has gone out of fashion, Democrats and the media are left with less severe options – going only for the most extreme available in these times.  They attack congressional Republicans for not booting her out of Congress.  She has no right to be there, so they say.

That is just another example of left-wing Democrat thinking.  They do not understand – or at least do not appreciate – the democratic process.  The people of her district sent her to Congress to represent them – and by a wide margin.  By all measures, she is likely to be easily re-elected.  Of course, that gives Democrats and the media another opportunity to demonize American voters who do not buy into the radical authoritarian left-wing agenda.

I am no fan of Greene.  If I lived in her congressional district, I might even run against her in a primary.  BUT, as a conservative, I respect the right of the voters to decided who represents them – even if it is not my personal choice.  It should not be the arbitrary decision of partisan politicians in Washington.  The latter is how dictatorships work – and Democrats.

The Democrat-friendly press has literally made Green a political powerhouse on the national scene.  Much of her support is generated by frustration and anger with … the left-wing press.  I can only wish that the elitists folks of the Fourth Estate would start attacking my commentaries on a daily basis.  I might become the most popular and successful political writer in America.

The media’s exaggerated propaganda smearing everyone supporting the GOP in the most dishonest and vile manner has created a powerful resentment and pushback.  It is an “anybody  but them” attitude.  I voted for Trump because of my aversion to Democrats and especially their radical left policies.

In many ways, Greene is a lot like Trump.  They both know the media is out to malign them – but they give the reprobates too many opportunities to deploy their one-way spin machine against them.  And as with Trump, I am more concerned about issues than the trash talk.

Yes, Greene occasionally says outrageous things.  But it is the arrogant left-wing media that has made her a super celebrity in politics – and a prodigious fundraiser.  If Democrats in Congress can stomach Maxine Waters, the GOP can tolerate Marjorie Taylor Greene.

So, there ‘tis.

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  1. Lyudmila

    In my opinion, the American patriot Marjorie Green is absolutely right when she compares the mandatory wearing of a mask with the mandatory wearing of a six-pointed star in Nazi Germany, where they did not immediately start killing Jews in gas chambers. There, too, at first there were stars. Marjorie Green is right: – not masks are to blame for the murders of thousands of old people in New York and Michigan, but only two people – Cuomo and Whitmer. Are they held accountable?

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