Project Blue Beam

There are government conspiracies and government secrets.  Let us not be nieve, all governments will have necessary secrets.  Information that should not be released to the general public due to national security issues.  This is most definitely true as it pertains to military operations. The quintessential need to know basis.  Sometimes we the people don’t need to know especially if it will put the soldiers in a more difficult situation.  But, what if the secret is covering up a plot of a very nefarious nature?  Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

A very interesting thing happened at the end of World War II.  At this time in history, people all over the world for the first time we’re reporting seeing strange unidentified objects in the sky or UFO’s which are Unidentified Flying Objects.  These objects were witnessed moving around in the sky at great speed.  In 1947 the first UFO was spotted by a man named Kenneth A.  Kenneth was documented stating that he saw, with his own eyes, 9 saucer-shaped objects flying at the rate of about 1700 kilometers per hour.  A couple of committees were created with the intent to explain and demystify the events usually linking them to man-made error activity.  Of course seeing events like this obviously sparked a lot of interest from scientists, military, government, law enforcement and the general public alike.  An abundance of data concerning these UFO’s was collected at that time.  This is when U.F.O’s became a public phenomenon.

The United States government and the media were definitely involved in putting out misleading information which contradicted the original stories given by eyewitnesses and therefore effectively convoluting the airways.  This didn’t sit well with Serge Monast, a Canadian from Quebec born in 1945 who was an investigative journalist, essayist, poet, and conspiracy theorist.  Serge gained a lot of popularity from quest appearing on shows that deal with the phenomenon of an esoteric nature.

In 1994, he published Project Blue Beam (NASA), in which he detailed a four-step base operation set up by the US government by way of NASA with the help of the United Nations.  This operation or program was to implement a New Age religion with the Antichrist at its head who will publically ridicule and denounce all of the four major religions.  This will help usher in the New World Order.  In his publication, Serge mentions how these entities will further fool the people by projecting a technologically simulated Second Coming of Christ.

The four steps of Project Blue Beam starts with step number one where they will manufacture sophisticated top-secret weapons to cause earthquakes around the world in specific and strategic locations in order to unearth religious artifacts with the attempt to use them to disprove the religions’ effectiveness.  This phase was said to have been in effect since 2012.  In step two, Serge writes that they will use sophisticated technology to beam 3D holographic images of all of the prophets or heads of the four major religions: Jesus, Mohammed, Kristna and Budha.  The images would be broadcast simultaneously in the sky around the world.  They will then merge these images into one in order to make all people feel there God is speaking directly to them.  Their sole intent is to use this tactic to usher in the antichrist and the end times.

In step three of Project Blue Beam, Serge writes that they will use invisible wave frequency technology via a telephonic platform to access people’s minds and implant thoughts in order to gain control of the mind and make people feel that they are in direct communication with their God.  Step four is the final step in this project where they will use their sophisticated tech to put the thought in the individual’s minds that the rapture is coming and that they face an imminent alien invasion.  Also, they will get a transmission into their minds that currently there are other planets being invaded and ravished.  They will use a fake alien invasion to finalize the birth of there New World Religion, the antichrist’s arrival, and the New World Order.

Serge Monast mysteriously died in 1996 in his home from a heart attack the day after he was arrested and jailed.  The authorities took custody of his children who he was having homeschooled at the time prior to his untimely death.  Is there truth to this Project Blue Beam dilemma?  Was Serge Monast’s untimely death a coincidence?  I’m going to leave that up to you to decide.  Stay safe.

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17 Thoughts to “Project Blue Beam”

  1. M Medina

    When is the truth the truth. Many times it’s not what is said, it’s what is left out that creates the doubt to anyone’s ‘truth’

  2. Christopher Harper

    first off, i am NOT a DEMOCRAT/LEFT WING/LIBERAL or a REPUBLICAN/RIGHT/CONSERVATIVE. Those labels are silly. But I do find that those who identify with conservative are more likely to believe in far-fetched conspiracy theories like this BS! Let’s name a few others: Obama’s DEATH PANELS (NOPE, DIDN’T COME TRUE), GUN CONFISCATION and EXTREME INFRINGEMENT on the 2A (NOPE, DIDN’T COME TRUE, but look up the Mulford Act. The act where Ronnie Reagan and the “super pro 2A” loving NRA tried to destroy the 2A of the Black Panther Party. But “Obama” was gonna “take yore gunz!” WEALTH REDISTRIBUTION (NOPE, DIDN’T COME TRUE), FEMA CAMPS (NOPE, DIDN’T COME TRUE), UN TAKEOVER (NOPE, DIDN’T COME TRUE), SHARIA LAW (NOPE, DIDN’T COME TRUE), MARTIAL LAW (NOPE, DIDN’T COME TRUE) thought Christians were supposed to respect and pray for leaders since God has appointed them over you. More Xtian hypocrisy

  3. Kathie Dougherty

    I believe you are a Democrat/Left wing/Liberal nut job & as a former Democrat I had no idea the hate that could be spread via the media & politicians. As far as I’m concerned 99% of all the politicians are just evil & controlled by money. they care not who dies from cancers & removal of police protection plus more have died from drugs being brought in then all the REAL actual Corona virus deaths worldwide. We live among the most evil rulers & so I die I always knew I’d die at some point anyhow but I never thought it would be premeditated by politicians.

  4. J

    Seems far fetched but people believed in covid bs
    If people were to believe this I’ll be home laughing and using Amazon exclusively …just to stay away from the crazies

  5. James Avlis

    Always hilarious how people who hate Christians try quote the Bible & try shame Christians. Beyond juvenile! Christians DO NOT need to obey evil authorities and governments just because they’re the government. Only governments who stand with the people are to be respected and served as they serve us.

  6. Kristy Kone

    The greatest lie ever told is the devil convincing people God does not exist.

  7. Anoymous

    Have to say it, but this is all real. Currently as we speak, there are earthquakes happening in parts of the world that shouldn’t be happening. The prophesies fortold in the bible are happening as well. Those that refuse to see it have been blinded and manipulated by the very devil himself. The end is upon us, people. Now is the time to repent. I’ll refuse to believe these such “projections” are even real. Even Christians should be able to tell when it’s real!

  8. Errin s Miller

    The Bible says No man knows the hour or the day of Christ’s return, and that were it possible even the very elect will be deceived.
    Yes, now is the time to repent and turn from your wicked ways.
    Jesus promises He will always be with us even until the very end of the age, but for now we must be about His Kingdom buisness and tell other’s the good news of His Gospel, and that He is the way, the TRUTH, and the Life. We are a part of a Great end Time Harvest.
    The Fields are White, and we must gather souls for His Eternal Kingdom.

  9. Kevin Bond

    I am the antichrist. The problem I have with “antichrist ” is that I lived through all evils unlike jesus that lived a good life. He tried to call out all imperfections in humanity without knowledge of what happens to the individual. I lived through most problems. I know the innate nature the issue that causes human imperfection and noncompliance. Every time someone goes through the internal natural disaster it changes them. Slowly but surely all people will become non conformist. It’s a design by the small fraction of people in power they dont want people to be happy. Thus I feel after life ends they know they are stuck in the block delema. I’ll make sure those incharge have to live my life before they get the chance to talk to jesus. Seen unseen hidden in plain sight. A poem like the crow but for the “elite” that oppress

  10. Your_Daddy

    Oh Christopher but you probably believe in 19 genders and that cloth masks work in slowing the spread of Covid. I have found that most ppl that claim to be democrats/progressives (and you are my friend by your biased evaluation of crazy ideas) are not as educated as they claim to be which is exhibited by their lack of understanding of history and how governments have become tyrannical by taking away freedoms all for the ‘common good’. wealth redistribution is already in place just not at the levels the dems would like. any progressive tax system (where high earners are penalized) is used to take from some and give to others. What is odd is what brought you to this site? Are you curious or just looking to troll conservatives. Also, its funny that progressives used to be fun loving hippies who loved to consider themselves the ‘resistance’. NOw its the conservatives that are the anti-establishment/freedom party.

  11. Your_Daddy

    Jesus lived a good life :). He died nailed to a cross at age 30. Quit whining – it is not becomng of a diety such as yoruself. .. toughen up satan

  12. Blake

    Jesus lived a morally “good life” but it wasn’t an easy life by any means. He was constantly getting bombarded by crowds of people, , confounding wise men, healing the sick, teaching his disciples, casting out devils & demons, etc. Not to mention he had to walk everywhere or ride a donkey. There were no cars back then. He died at 33 years old btw not 30.

  13. J

    Christopher, You do know that nothing happens over night. Movements are created and it takes years and years to complete some of these things. Martial Law did happen… Do you not remember COVID? Martial Law is still happening in Blue States and some blue states did take away guns from people. Have you not been paying attention? Wealth Redistribution is literally happening as we speak… when inflation happens.. who ends up paying more? The consumer not the company. The company profits off of inflation. How is your grocery store looking? Seeing any empty shelves? Look around you… stuff is happening right in front of you and you deny it… to me.. that is crazy.

  14. Tracy

    I’m taking full advantage. Buying stock in companies that manufacture Xanax. So when the end is near, I’ll have had a lot of fun and go out with a Big Bang.
    It’s ALWAYS time to repent and live how Christ taught us. The END is always near, so living a decent life should always be done, no matter what!
    Bad things always happen. As do good things. We’re doomed because libs refuse to learn from history that is doomed to repeat itself as a result. They think that changing history (flat out lying), helps to justify all of their ‘causes’ By the time they realize they have been had, the damage is done.
    Band together and love the enemy as we lay them to rest!

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  17. Stephen

    I heard for years how aliens didn’t exist from the scientific community. Now, they search the skies for them. What they have and will find more of has always been there, they are mentioned in Genesis. A hearing about UAPs is tomorrow in the senate. Christ will come with power and glory with all the elect. Millions upon millions and his second coming will not be Mr Nice Guy time. The elites in this world plan on fighting him, good luck with that. Everything, has been leading up to this point. Satan has been the god of this world, his time is short and he knows it. He’s trying to take as many souls as he can with him. PLEASE, ask Jesus to be your personal savior because you need one, admit he is the Son of God, believe in his finished work on the cross. The payment for all mans sins in full. Believe he rose to beat death forever. If YOU NEED FAITH, PRAY FOR FAITH. All who call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.

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