Cowardly Romney Uses Fake Twitter Account to Harass Trump

For all of those who have been saying how “brave” it has been for Senator Mitt Romney to speak out against President Trump the way he has, meet “Pierre Delecto.” That is the name on a fictitious twitter account the Utah Senator created to anonymously criticize the president.

Two journalists from different publications have pieced together enough clues to confirm that Senator Mitt Romney has a secret Twitter account — under the amusing and vaguely French “nom de plume,” Pierre Delecto. The former Republican presidential nominee created the account in 2011, just before announcing his bid for the White House.

During an interview with The Atlantic this week, Romney mentioned to writer McKay Coppins that he indeed uses a secret Twitter account — “What do they call me, a lurker?” he said. Romney also maintains a verified personal account and an official one as senator from Utah. While Romney revealed his secret Twitter habit, he did not reveal the handle. That took some sleuthing by Slate writer Ashley Feinberg who assumed Romney would be following his family members with the secret Twitter persona, and by tracing the follower of his family, she discovered the common friend “Pierre Delecto.”

According to Feinberg, what was so telling about Delecto’s account was the content. His first follow was Romney’s oldest son, Tagg, Feinberg found. He also followed lesser-known Romney family members and quite a number of high-profile Republicans and political pundits. Feinberg also noted that of Delecto’s 257 “likes,” 30 were on tweets from Romney’s real Twitter account. She was confident that Delecto was, in fact, Mitt Romney himself – and she was right!

Meanwhile It’s Open Season on Mittens By the GOP

Despite the secret account, Romney has continued to be openly critical of the president, even publicly supportive of his impeachment, which has most of the GOP furious. Once conservative, now Trumpian groups such as the Club For Growth call him a “Democratic secret asset” for not completely discounting the idea of impeachment.

President Trump himself has lashed out at Romney’s disloyalty to him, and by extension the Republican Party. At a recent press conference the President complained that Republicans were not united enough in defending him against what he called “vicious” adversaries bent on removing him. Launching into a series of attacks on Democrats, Trump said that they were “vicious and they stick together. They don’t have Mitt Romney in their midst — they don’t have people like that.”

Romney, a frequent Trump critic, has called the president’s attempts to solicit dirt on a political rival “wrong and appalling,” making him one of the most outspoken Republicans on the president’s behavior in office, and has declined to rule out impeaching him. In a fiery speech last week, Romney, the 2012 Republican presidential nominee, said the Syria withdrawal would be seen as “a bloodstain on the annals of American history.”

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19 Thoughts to “Cowardly Romney Uses Fake Twitter Account to Harass Trump”

  1. Paul

    Romney is less than a pos.

    No wonder that FAT Moderator, Candy Crawley, ate YOUR lunch at the debate with Obama
    in Uniondale, NY.
    OBAMA LIED ABOUT BENGHAZI and she jumped in and DOUBLE teamed Romney!
    Mitt lacked the cojones to shut her down!!!!
    Since when does a Moderatot take sides during a debate???


  3. fred

    Romney is a sore loser

  4. Fred

    You are a coward hiding behind a fake name. I sorry that I one voted for you didn’t know the real you bac then.?

  5. Vernetta McAtee

    Never have liked our trusted Romney

  6. Paul E

    You are no different than the Clinton cartel and that’s get low as you can go Your a coward just like a Democrat sneezy and sleazy If they could call back the vote in Utah you sure as hell would not be in Congress any more. They wouldn’t have voted you into office They are mad as hell for what you have done

  7. wmfstone

    If you don’t know what it means check out the term”in flagrante delicto”. What a superb description of a vicious cowardly “snake in the grass” politician like Mitt Romney who decided to set up a bogus Twitter pen name for himself – – Pierre Delecto. What the hell was I thinking when I voted for this sneaky turncoat in 2012?

  8. JTT

    The President has not solicited “dirt” on anyone. Donald Trump may be a lot of things but a backstabber is not one of them. The man will shoot you in the face; not stab you in the back. That personality trait warrants the utmost respect. That’s why I support my President. As to MIT the sh*t Romney the nicest thing I can muster is that he’s a worm and that’s insulting to the poor worm!

  9. Uhptony

    Sh*t Romney is a lying worthless turncoat that is in reality just a damnocrat trying to pass himself off as a Republican. However, all true conservative Republicans see through his lies. He should be kicked out of the Republican Party.

  10. G. White Sr.

    Hey Romney, You are a 2 face Hypocrite liar. You say one thing and then turn around and stab him or her in the front gut. But I’m not worried, because people like you will fall on your knees so hard on your crumbled hands shaking so much, you wish you would have done the right thing, But no, you are among the EVIL SICK DEMO. I firm believer in what goes around Comes around, It will bite in the a– so hard your going to be punished severely. Mark MY WORDS come November 2020. TRUMP will WIN BY A LANDSLIDE. MAGA ALL THE WAY.
    I’m a extremely very PROUD REPUBLICAN. Mr. G.K. White Sr.

  11. Rebecca Biggs

    I think Romney is a “bought politician”,I think he DELIBERATELY THRU HIS presidential run, exactly why, I don’t know, but there was definitely a difference in the latter part of his presidential race. NOW he’s trying to get back at Trump BECAUSE Tr7mp didn’t give him the post he wanted. When Mr. Romney decided he wanted to be senator the President endorsed him. This is the way Mitt “thanks” him. And BTW someone said as a Christian he’s very deceiving. Mormons are not a Christian religion, they rare a CULT.

  12. BwaHa

    Romney’s a coward. Always has been, always will be.

  13. You are a pretty dirty low down person to stoop so low. You need to craw back in your hole with the clintons and obumas

  14. Mary M

    Romney is and always will be a “never Trumper”. What else can you expect from a RINO and maybe a little bit of a man of a different religiosity? Just wonderin’.

  15. Linda

    Romney is a has been that still wants to be in the lime light. He is a very sad man that used
    to be honest and good. To deceive and lie for personal feelings that make him feel good, he
    doesn’t care about anyone. So sad that this will become part of his legacy.

  16. Romney is a cockroach and spineless man.

  17. What a hypocrite! OutRageous!! Republicans rhst voted for hum are blind. Sad!!

  18. Laura

    Trump said it best with a remark he made awhile back and I must paraphrase, but to Romney he said “If you had been as mean and tough to Obama in the debates as you have been to me, maybe you would have won the 2012 election!!!” I totally agree. He acted like a wus so bad it was pitiful. Kick the people who kick you, not people who support you. Mitt you are a total loser who has lost the respect of the entire nation. No one trusts a TURNCOAT!!!!! Wake up Utah!

  19. JTT likes Trump because he’ll shoot you in the face. He certainly would if he thought he could get away with it! WmFstone wonders why he ever voted for Romney. I wonder why he ever voted for the criminal Trump!

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