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    Regardless the origin is Carelessness on part of the totalitarian Government of China compounded by them not wanting be view in a negative state so they told lies and endangered the world.

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    Paul Russell sr

    An Joe Biden and Obama known what was coming. Chemical Warfare is the starting point. We should nuclear them for starting a war. Biden will kiss their Chinese ass.

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    .I think that the last time something was LEAKED, WAS from China? Maybe they are NOT as careful as they should be? We, in this country are very careful, as all country’s should be. Unfortunately, we as a people have to pay the price. It’s to bad that this happens. I am very careful about where I buy from. I don’t live in fear but I am not going to go out and look for trouble either.

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    Betty Moe

    Excellent report, we appreciate your integrity and serious reporting o tht you do.

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    Luis Lalama

    I really believe that Covid-19 did not leaked out of China Lab, I truly believed that it was released on purpose, why is it that certain areas close to Hunam Lab are not afected by

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