IRS takes on Christianity

In an unprecedented move against religious organizations’ ability to file for tax exemption in the United States, the IRS has decided to block Christians’ right to this benefit.  From a report by the CBN (Christian Broadcast News), Christians Engaged, a Texas based non profit organization created in July of 2019, has been unjustifiably blocked by the IRS from having the same tax exemption that similar organizations have shared throughout recent history. Regardless of belief, religious institutions from Christianity to Judaism and even Scientology have had the right to be exempt…

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CNN Takes Back Jeffery Toobin After He Did This on Zoom

Jeffrey Toobin Zoom Call

Today’s commentary deals with a story that has nothing to do with politics or important issues.  But it is just too mind-boggling to take a pass on.  It is about sexual gratification.  Now that I have your interest … Let me first say that I am by far no prude – and normally I fully support the rights of people to do as they please in private.  That includes many things some folks see as perverted or immoral.  As long as the please is not hurtful or harmful to others…

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Woke School Board Cancels Holidays

The left that gave us the destructive idiocy of “political correctness” and “identity politics” has more recently been joined by “wokeness” as the latest labeled obscenity of the political cancelation movement. Apparently, political correctness, identity politics and wokeness have taken over the Board of Education in Randolph, New Jersey.  The members of the Board – who should represent the interests of parents and students – unanimously voted to cancel holidays and remove their names from the school calendar. Of course, this caused an outrage among the parents and children. Instead,…

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