Look Who Wants to Pack the Court

According to the radical Progressive wing of the Democratic party – which now includes both President Biden and Vice President Harris – the only proper government is one in which they control all the levers.  The only issues to be considered are those advanced by the political left – and all other opinions are to be censored one way or another.

The current example of their authoritarian objective is the result of President Trump appointing three members to the Supreme Court – shifting the balance in favor of the more conservative strict constructionists justices who look to the Constitution as the foundation for all laws.

The left-wingers claim that they want to bring the court back into “balance” by packing the Court with four new justices – all of which would be appointed by Biden.  The liberal definition of proper “balance” is that they have the overwhelming majority of the seats.

A group of some of the most radical and partisan members of Congress held a press conference to announce the bill they are introducing to bring the court up to 13 members.  The lead sponsors are Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey and Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Jerry Nadler of New York.

Among those co-sponsoring the measure is Georgia Congressman Hank Johnson.  I single him out because every time he appears on television, I cannot help but recall his question of a Navy Admiral Robert Willard during a congressional hearing.  In case you did not catch it, Johnson asked the Admiral if he was worried that too much heavy military equipment and personnel on Guam would cause the island to capsize — to flip upside-down.  No, that was not a Saturday Night Live sketch.  You can catch it on YouTube.  But I digress.

In their hyperbolic presentation, the speakers claimed justification for packing the Court because Trump and Senate Republicans – led by then-Majority Leader Mitch McConnell – had “stolen” two seats.  Of course, that is utter nonsense.  There was NOTHING illegal or unconstitutional about those nominations and their confirmations.  It may have been a bold use of political power but, then again, that is the nature of politics.

Their other major claim is that the increase in the size of the high court was to bring balance to the Court.  That is a lie – an obvious and provable lie. They want dominance.  Just do the math.

The Bill being introduced in Congress will expand the Court to 13 justices – the most ever in American history.  That would switch the current “balance” from three liberal Democrats, five conservative Republicans and a Chief Justice that swings from side to side to seven rock solid liberal Democrats, five conservative Republicans, and the Chief Justice. The Chief Justice would no longer be a swing vote because the liberals would have a clear majority – and you know how Democrats deal when they have the majority?

The good news is that the chance of this Bill being enacted into law is very slim – but not impossible.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has indicated that she does not intend to call the Bill – meaning it dies without even a hearing.  But Pelosi is famous for being against something she intends to later support – such as impeachments.

But Pelosi may be sincere in her opposition to the court-packing Bill.  By all measure, it is not a popular idea outside the radical left.  Couple this with all the other power grabs – such as eliminating the Electoral College and granting statehood to the District of Columbia – and there could be a huge push back in the 2022 midterm elections.

Most pundits are betting that Democrats will lose control of the House.  Attempting to back the courts could add to any Republican majority margin.  It might even be the tipping-point for a GOP takeover of the Senate.

So, there ‘tis.

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7 Thoughts to “Look Who Wants to Pack the Court”

  1. David Kwiat

    Packing the court very dangerous.

    Biden has a 36 person committee of ALL Democrats making a study. What a joke.

    Biden is destroying America and must be impeached.

  2. JimBob

    Ain’t it already packed…with Catholics? Y’all don’t seem bothered by church-state issues.

  3. Alan Kingsbuty

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  6. Alan Kingsbury

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