Is Biden Abusing Kids to Appease the Left?

Migrants Waiting Outside Fence At Border

President Biden used his first day in office to ceremoniously cancel virtually all of President Trump’s immigration policies – even cancelling the paid-for and partially constructed border wall.

The harshest criticism of the Trump administration was its allegedly mistreatment of kids – and families with kids.  There was the issue of family separation.  Even at the end of the Trump administration, Democrats and the media were pouncing on Trump for the hundreds of children who were not yet re-united with their families.

It was a dishonest criticism.  It was said that there was difficulty in finding the parents of the kids in custody.  Of course, it was.  Many of the parents did not want to be found – and they did not want their kids back.  There were several reasons.  The kids were a financial burden on the parents, or the kids were trouble, or the parents felt their kids would be better off as American foster children.  Any parent who wanted their children back knew how to find them.

That also applies to the last tsunami of minors seeking to get into the United States.  Many are old enough to make the trip on their own, but many are not.  The parents had to either drop them at the border or pay the Cartelian operatives to take them.

We do not get a clear definition of “unaccompanied minor” in the news reports.  Obviously, a toddler cannot even start the journey to the border unaccompanied.  It may not be the parents, but many of the so-called unaccompanied minors are accompanied – and that that should cause great concern.  When you see those heartbreaking images of the youngest children, you know someone accompanied them.

Pre-teens are another category that needs to be distinguished.  They can run away from home or be handed over to the Cartelian underground railroad. But they are more likely to suffer the worst abuse along the way.  They are prime prey for violent abuses, sex predators and killers – especially the young girls.

Finally, there are the teenagers.  It is a stretch to call them children or kids.  These are young adults.  It is within this demographic that are found the bad hombres – those associated with drug dealing and all the associated crimes.  These young adults do not necessarily arrive with documents establishing their ages.  Consequently, older non-minors are able to present themselves as one of the unaccompanied  “kids.”  That why vetting is critical.

The problem we have today is due to the fact that Biden has served as the Pied Piper of underage immigration — and the radical left, including the media, has been playing the same tune.

Once it became apparent what a monumental mistake Biden has made in acquiescing to the left’s open borders policies, he reversed course making a weak – and seemingly insincere — effort to discourage adults and families from coming to the border.

BUT … he said that minors would still be admitted.  And people wonder why suddenly we have the largest number of unaccompanied minors in modern times sitting at the border – maybe the most ever.  Some 15,000 have arrived since Biden nullified Trump’s border protection policies.  The scenes in the holding facilities –  from which Biden bars the press – are at least has horrific as those which Democrats and the media found so terrible during the previous administration.  No place to sleep.  No toiletries.  No showers.  Maybe it is even worse – explaining why the news media is barred.

Biden’s children’s migration stands among the more infamous and inhumane politically-caused migrations in history – standing alongside the Trail of Tears relocation of Nation Americans by racist President Andrew Jackson and the Syrian exodus caused by President Obama’s betrayal of the anti-Asaad rebels.

Even such left-wing media personalities as CNN’s Fareed Zakaria and MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough have called out Biden for a crisis that they said was “foreseeable.” 

While we focus too much on numbers, we do not report sufficiently on the MANY horror stories of young people being abused in the most horrendous ways – even dying — as they travel through dangerous places in response to Biden’s invitation.

So, there ‘tis.

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11 Thoughts to “Is Biden Abusing Kids to Appease the Left?”

  1. Den

    He’s a Jac should be in a ward somewhere!

  2. Den

    Should be in a ward some where!

  3. Beverly Ann

    Absolutely; why doesn’t the Supreme Court do something?

  4. Disgusted

    Biden only cares about himself and his wallet!

  5. Carolyn Esparza

    It’s a crime! It’s in humane! Give the children back to their parents, family and adults they came in with! They are not being cared for in those children pounds!

  6. Carolyn Esparza

    It’s criminal and in humane to hold the children in those holding facilities with no bedding or toiletries! Give them back to the families they came in with!

  7. Carolyn Esparza

    It’s an inhuman crime to separate the children from their families! They should be given back. It isn’t safe with no one to care for them.

  8. John McCauley

    The Democratic Party is abusing illegal immigrants with our tax money to buy votes and stay in power. They are a bunch of elitist party hacks that are screwing hard working American citizens. They create problems and blame others for it

  9. No One knows the real reason That president Bidet wants these kids here ?? I do and it is a new youngsters for him and his people to abuse sexually ,mentally and morally . He is sick in many ways plus completely incompetant to serve .

  10. Estell Newton

    Those children need to go home to their parents. This is no place for them. Biden and his treasonist friends are destroying our country. These illegals will find out just how used they are and will revolt and guess who their targets will be.

  11. Ali

    Please help!! Biden and also Harris must be gone from our country. Pelosi too! Be gone asap. IMPEACH OR FIRE OR SOMETHING TO GET THEM GONE. They are destroying our country.

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