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    Karma Singh

    Well, I don’t know where your anonymous written is getting his/her data – most likely from Bill Gates by the sound of it.

    Firstly, the Covid-19 death toll, world-wide is exactly ZERO!

    All death statistics, world-wide show nothing remarkable other than a small, short rise following the lockdown and then a fall to below average.
    Most experts agree that this represent seriously ill people who were denied treatment to make hospital space for millions of corona ill who never materialised. Actually these people would have died shortly anyway and the phony plandemic just speeded their deaths up. The subsequent fall in the death rate to below average indicates most strongly that this is the case.

    Secondly, the existence of the so called “Sars-Cov-2” “virus” rests alone upon the claim made by Prf. Drosten in Berlin (another recipient of Bill Gates’ “magnanimity”) to have isolated it. This claim has proven to be fraudulent and, last week, Prof. Drosten was charged under criminal law.

    Finally, as I make clear in my book, “Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P.”, the virus hypothesis has no scientific basis and is almost certainly untrue, i.e. viruses do NOT exist! The particles falsely labelled “virus” are, in fact, an aspect of normal cell replacement processes and are very widespread across many species – they have even been found in papaya!

    The whole thing is one big con-job with very nefarious intents.

    Blessed be
    Karma Singh

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    we shall overcome, the Lord is with us

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    Every company creating the vaccines are using aborted baby parts – How sick that is !!!!!!!

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    The 1957 flu outbreak caused an estimated one million to two million deaths worldwide and is generally considered to have been the least severe of the three influenza pandemics of the 20th century.

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    In 1957 we did not have the democrat media generated hysteria that we are experiencing today!

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    The only thing that is continuing, are the lies about scamvirus

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    The “Plandemic” will on Nov.4, 2020. Don’t kid yourself.

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    To be honest opening the economy is a calculated risk but necessary. For example a pension lost a third in value during lockdown. Personal protection, masks, sanitizer, careful socializing is all we can do. That and make the workplace as safe as possible. Isolate if symptomatic and be a good patriot.

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    Hello. And Bye.

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    This virus has ruined everyone’s lives, especially those who died. China needs to pay a price big time for “purposely” doing this to America. There is no cure, and the American people have no want or desire to adjust their lifestyle. Now the disease has mutated into another form. Where does it end??

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