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    This is all brought you by the DemonRATS, and the MSN.

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    Of course, it’s the worst. Just look at the attitude towards immigration. This is possibly the first time in history when our poor were too dumb and too apathetic to resist the immigrant. Today, they seem to think, ‘the more, the merrier…if they’re not enough jobs, we can all just go on welfare!’. Same with these protests….we have armed police standing around watching people tear up cities, as if they have no say in the matter. Hell, even CLAIMING blocks of cities as their own, while we have the weaponry and the manpower to put a stop to it….but are too spineless. Once upon a time, we defied physical hardships through force of will. Today, we submit to things that we are equipped to EVISCERATE…we submit to an enemy we could easily vanquish…There is no greater disgrace than the sight of American property being destroyed or defaced while police stand around deciding what to watch on tv when their shift ends. Once, we had legitimate problems. Today, that is no longer the case….we suffer because, collectively, we are weak and fatuous.

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    By the way ice cream queen,
    Your masks are as ugly as you are, but they are good for one thing,
    To hide that uglier than sin,
    Face of yours.
    Keep Wearing Your Mask.

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    Kurt Walker

    Is this the lowest point in history?? Let me ask a couple of questions. How many have stood in bread lines as the only means of food that day?? How many have worked for 50 cents a day?? How many have walked 3 or 4 miles every day to get to that 50 cent job?? How many have picked wild “poke salad” to have a green vegetable to eat?? How many even know what “poke salad” is?? How many have depended on cotton tail rabbits and squirrels as the only meat?? How many have gone hungry so the children could eat?? WELL I HAVE. The lowest point in history?? Not yet. But keep that congress in power and bring in Joe Biden and it soon will be. And so there isn’t any mistake: I’m NOT A REPUBLICAN.

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