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    Wow, you’re one mislead and confused person. Why? You may ask. Simply put, the mainstream media has done a great job on you. Either you’re brainwashed at no fault of your own, or easily distracted when facts and evidence is presented to you, but it’s too much of a challenge for your IQ. Back in 2016, Millions of us were like you, unaware of the corruption hidden in plain site. However, different from you, we noticed a subtle pattern of many inconsistencies right at the moment of Trump’s Republican nomination. We knew instantly, the media was boldly spitting lies through their teeth to our faces. This is why millions voted for Trump, as the corrupted leftist thought she would win through the promise of their habitual voter fraud that kept them in office indefinitely. We watched them slowly destroying America, her majestic discernment of freedom and equality, and systematically stifling our constitutional and human rights. Take #The Clarity Challenge, as millions have, by doing your own research through Independent Media Sources. Get shocked then get pissed off as you learn that you’ve been severely punked. Good place to begin is X22 Report, Hannity and Red Pill 78 on YouTube. From there you’ll find other honest and ethical Patriots reporting documented facts and evidence that will curl your toes finding that Trump is the total opposite of the lies they fed you. If you don’t care to enlighten yourself, that’ll make you a puppet sheep for the corrupted Democrats, and dangerous to our country.   That said, if you choose not to educate yourself and appreciate our President’s over 300 accomplishments, his historical achievements such as the steps toward peace in the Middle East, no wars, or that he’s been nominated twice for the Nobel Peace Prize. Then maybe Germany is your place instead.

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