Bolton book says Trump asked Chinese president for help winning reelection | Patriots 4 Truth

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    If he’s guilty of SEDITION and TREASON, LOCK him up in FEDERAL PRISON with a STIFF PENALTY. One Disgusted Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

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    Well he just might have had conversations with the chinese before their bio-weapon CCP-19 VIRUS, but bolton you had no business, putting that in your book, because like you it was taken out of notext, as you are a broken wimpy ass loser, that did not get his way, and got fired for not being what you claimed to be when you were hired. You turned on your boss. You deserved to be FIRED, and I hope you get putting jail for being a TRAITOR

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    The cowardly republicans in the senate should have followed the congress and removed the corrupt and lawless trump than and the country would today be much better off. But money and power even corrupted the republican senators. They feared for their future

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