The Lawsuit That Bankrupted the NRA

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The National Rifle Association is filing for bankruptcy and moving to Texas as New York Attorney General Letitia James (D) pursues legal action against the organization.

“The NRA’s claimed financial status has finally met its moral status: bankrupt,” wrote James on Twitter. “While we review its bankruptcy filing, we will not allow @NRA to use this or any other tactic to evade accountability and my office’s oversight.”

James sued the gun rights group in August, accusing CEO Wayne LaPierre and other NRA executives of using more than $63 million of the organization’s reserves for personal use (including luxury vacations and private jets) and tax fraud.

The NRA has not admitted to the mismanagement of donor funds.

In a counter suit, the NRA argues that James’s suit is politically motivated and thus a violation of the organization’s First Amendment rights. The counter suit is backed by 16 Republican Attorneys General.

“This is a transformational moment in the history of the NRA,” says LaPierre. The NRA is “dumping New York…at a time when the NRA is in its strongest financial condition in years” despite having spent more than $100 million on legal battles. The move to Texas, dubbed “Project Freedom,” will “enable long-term, sustainable growth…in a state that values the contributions of the NRA, celebrates our law-abiding members, and will join us as a partner in upholding constitutional freedom.”

The NRA, founded in New York in 1871, has long been a crucial advocate for gun rights in the United States. The group currently has more than five million members. Unfortunately, with Democrats in control of Congress, we can expect the Biden Administration to go hog wild on gun control legislation – especially following the George Floyd protests and the attack on the US Capitol by Trump supporters.

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4 Thoughts to “The Lawsuit That Bankrupted the NRA”

  1. Wes

    I would like to see those who speak about the march on Washington January 6, 2021; would label the the attack on the capital Trump supporters. Why, because it has been shown and proven that Antifa and Black Lives Matter were leading the attack. Over 500,00 or much more were there and was peaceful.

    Please stop using your enemies narratives. We are for you,

  2. rottenrollin

    Letitia needs a rope and a tree.

  3. Dawid

    I agree with the main theme of Wes’s comments. The push for the assault on the capitol was planned ahead by non-trump supporters, as is now becoming evident. Yes, some Trump supporters wrongly entered the capitol. The rioters who resorted to violence and “attacked” the capitol are yet to be identified as to their political leanings. Until all of the information is revealed, you do truth injustice by repeating the talking points of the biased media.

  4. I will ask again, What the hell is ANTIFA? I do not know and do not want to be thought of as stupid, so please answer me and NO BLACK LIVES MATTER AT ALL UNTIL ALL LIFE MATTERS, My life is just as important as any black mans and only a bigotted racist would say otherwise.

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