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    If Mr. Borrell truly believes that 60, 000 readied EU troops would be sufficient to ward off the readied enemy in Europe then he nay be a special kind of stupid. With all due respect.

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    Schening Maxine Claudette

    I agree with Borrell & Macron, the EU should have a larger Army ready to deploy. The USA is getting awfully stretched out financially as well as Our Troops. We’ve got to be able to protect ourselves. Mexico is only helping the USA bcuz of President Trump

    We have this huge deficit with China, meanwhile they’ve got their greedy grubs in almost everything in the USA. Stealing our intellectual property and most everything we buy is from China or their surrounding Countries, don’t think that they aren’t being controlled by China. The quality is real poor, also.
    BUY AMERICAN QUALITY! We may have to tighten our belts and accept less wages and
    the economy will have to adjust so we can survive here. If no one can afford the insurances they’ll have to adjust also if they want to stay in business and so on

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    European gun-boats in the Med – and if Erdogan pushes his luck? Send all the illegal refugees back to Turkey across every European border back into the arms of this new ‘demented Caliph’.
    But Europe continues its madness by trusting this Muslim Maniac.

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