The C.F.R.

There are plenty of extremely powerful organizations that exist in the mainstream but are hidden by the cloak of secrecy.  These organizations have websites where they publish their plans for the world and for the United States but these plans are never televised or expressed in the media.  Every now and again something gets out but it easily is swept away safely under the proverbial rug.  Unfortunately, the average person only hears about the outcome of a mission as it affects them individually.  One such organization that runs America is the CFR.

Yes, there are agencies and organizations that are not part of government but controls government overall.  The CFR would fall under the heading that one would call a Front Group.  Front Groups penetrate into major industries, public and government offices, media, politics, education, the banking system, etc.  Their overall job is to infiltrate common society on all levels. The Royal Institute for International Affairs was the name of these front groups which began in the 1920s.  The name was later changed in the United States to the Council on Foreign Affairs.

The CFR had such members as W.A. Harriman and John D. Rockefeller (both members of the Skull and Bones), J.P. Morgan and Paul Warburg just to name a few.  They play a major role in the take over of America’s sovereignty via the proposed New World Order because it creates the agenda for the Committee of 300.  Many believe that the CFR is the government behind the U.S. government.  There are videos of Hillary Clinton speaking at the CFR and stating clearly that our government gets marching orders from them.

There about four thousand members of the CFR in the United States.  These people are in control of the biggest ost power an influential industries and mediums in the U.S.  People like Alan Greenspan who was head of the Federal Reserve and George Soros.  Some American presidents were and still are members of the CFR like Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, Bill Clinton, and Richard Nixon.  This is important because the CFR is all about a new world order which means the destruction of the U.S. as a sovereign nation.

In July 1973, the Trilateral Commission was created.  David Rockefeller was a chairman of the CFR around this time.  The Trilateral Commission is a spin-off of the CFR which arose from the Bilderburg Group due to internal conflict concerning including Japan.  Meetings of the Trilateral Commission were attended in private by CEOs of big companies, political officials, university presidents, labor union leaders, so on and so forth.  This commission is basically an international CFR.  After WWI, we had the League of Nations whose mission was to promote international corporations and security.  It was established in 1949 under the Treaty of Versailles.  Since the League of Nations could not prevent the 2nd World War, it was disbanded.  The bottom line is that the Trilateral Commission’s goal is to set up the taking over of governments and economies via multinational banks and corporations.

Freedom is what this country was created upon.  Unfortunately, the powers that be have their own definition of what they would call freedom for the common man.  It only takes one bad apple to spoil the bunch.  America is full of good people.  It is to be the land of the free.  Let us not let anyone or anything change that.

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8 Thoughts to “The C.F.R.”

  1. Charles Walters

    I am behind you 100%

  2. Joe Kelley

    I’m afraid that it’s way too late to stop these groups from achieving their goals of implementing the destruction of the American nation. Of the people who have heard of these groups, only few actually believe what’s going on. This was written about long ago in Scriptures. And when they are in their graves, they will find that the Pearly Gates will be locked for them. So take heart believers, and keep the faith. Capt Joe.

  3. William Pitsker

    Yes, yes, yes ! (BTW, you MUST proofread before hitting that button. There are several bad typos in this text).
    I’ve known about these traitorous groups for about 50 years. That they’ve never been prosecuted is a measure of their control.
    Come on, Donald, do something ! !
    Our Founders are rolling in their graves, and we. DO invite the blazing “hand-of-God” asteroid, don’t we?
    A daily prayer for enlightenment – part of my routine.

  4. Dave Bishop

    In these times of disunity, disgruntled people and disjointed politics, no one seems to even care about the corruption that lies in the arena. They are too concerned about crowd control. Therein lies the truth about the silent elite. Within the insulated walls of power these men are at work plotting the final efforts to be made to bring their plans to fruition. Watching the politics working out, we get a hint of what is coming. Personally, I believe it will be following Trump’s final years in office when the group will strike the blow for globalism. And they will be at the helm to pick up the pieces when America tears itself apart. It fits fairly well into Biblical prophecy as the Anti-Christ steps in to bring his version of “Peace” to the world.

  5. Was disappointed the article regarding the CFR didn’t include an update as to how many members dedicated to the NWO are securely and actively working within our government today..including within the Trump admin Bolton and I believe Haley and various generals in the Pentagon. All members need to be exposed and everyone needs to be suspicious of their recommendations and advice to our president…

  6. Joe Kelley

    Has anyone ever commented on how hot looking our First Lady, Melania, is ? That’s about all I know “…about the French I took”.

  7. Joe Kelley

    Has anyone ever commented on how hot looking our First Lady, Melania, is? That’s about all I know “…about the French I took.”

  8. Joe Kelley

    Trisha H. ; If any member of either house of Congress does not “play ball”, they will not get a second term. You already know the media is also controlled by the scum elite and will ruin that congressional member. And think of the universities where students get “tapped” to join the so called secret societies and then go on to the corporations to climb to the top. One can only imagine how they have been assembling their masses (black masses) over the ages. Even if we think that someone is saying what we want to hear, they are nothing more than controlled opposition. The real action goes on behind the scenes, not on the screens. It’s my opinion that it’s way too late to stop any of their agendas. And by the way, the sheeple will not help. They will only get one killed or thrown under the bus. The only help will come with the True Messiah.

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