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    Charles Walters

    I am behind you 100%

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    Joe Kelley

    I’m afraid that it’s way too late to stop these groups from achieving their goals of implementing the destruction of the American nation. Of the people who have heard of these groups, only few actually believe what’s going on. This was written about long ago in Scriptures. And when they are in their graves, they will find that the Pearly Gates will be locked for them. So take heart believers, and keep the faith. Capt Joe.

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    William Pitsker

    Yes, yes, yes ! (BTW, you MUST proofread before hitting that button. There are several bad typos in this text).
    I’ve known about these traitorous groups for about 50 years. That they’ve never been prosecuted is a measure of their control.
    Come on, Donald, do something ! !
    Our Founders are rolling in their graves, and we. DO invite the blazing “hand-of-God” asteroid, don’t we?
    A daily prayer for enlightenment – part of my routine.

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    Dave Bishop

    In these times of disunity, disgruntled people and disjointed politics, no one seems to even care about the corruption that lies in the arena. They are too concerned about crowd control. Therein lies the truth about the silent elite. Within the insulated walls of power these men are at work plotting the final efforts to be made to bring their plans to fruition. Watching the politics working out, we get a hint of what is coming. Personally, I believe it will be following Trump’s final years in office when the group will strike the blow for globalism. And they will be at the helm to pick up the pieces when America tears itself apart. It fits fairly well into Biblical prophecy as the Anti-Christ steps in to bring his version of “Peace” to the world.

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    Trisha Holmeide

    Was disappointed the article regarding the CFR didn’t include an update as to how many members dedicated to the NWO are securely and actively working within our government today..including within the Trump admin Bolton and I believe Haley and various generals in the Pentagon. All members need to be exposed and everyone needs to be suspicious of their recommendations and advice to our president…

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