Testing Bio-Weapons | Patriots 4 Truth

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    Republican rag, Fake News – trying to cover up or confuse facts. Lousy article…. more sci fi or Tom Clancy stuff. Sick Republican Trump licking scumbags. Thank you for inspiring me to vent all my hate of Trump and all those who support him and lies and crimes.

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    Thank YOU, I have been saying this for WEEKS! You are right on the MONEY! Could not agree more. PLEASE keep up the good work and keep researching this angle. Globalists are DESPERATE and want to do anything to Stop Trumps re election and get back control of the globalist agenda.

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    Let’s not forget China may have released it in order to shut down the Hong Kong protests without using their military

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    Joe Kelley

    I personally agree with everything that was said in this article. Do your own homework and research and you also will find all of this to be true. Capt Joe

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