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    Sharon Jeanguenat

    I totally agree! But, I’m glad the President has put a task force, just in case! If the media would shut up, it’d probably run its’ course then disappear.

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    Richard Waxler

    Rush is an asshole just like all conservative radio hosts

  3. 3

    Richard Waxler

    You guys publish this crap then don’t like responses

  4. 4


    Ya’ gotta’ love Rush. Hang around for awhile, friend. We need ya’.

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    Shawn S Fahrer

    I think the cancer that Rush was diagnosed with has affected his BRAIN. As bad as the “common cold”, he says? Not even the CHINESE (who have been downplaying it ever since it started) would say THAT. “Being Weaponized”? More likely ALREADY WEAPONIZED (like AIDS was apparently invented back in the the 1970’s or so — or else it would not have been let out). And, dare I point out, it was released by a country that was ONLY following THE AMERICAN MODEL for weaponizing diseases (not just AIDS, but we can go back to the attempts to use SMALLPOX infected blankets to silently kill Native Americans in the 1700’s with apparently limited success — as evidence of such behavior). Therefore, to criticize the Chinese for doing stuff that WE SHOWED THEM HOW TO DO (like the American eugenicists of the early 1900’s being the inspiration for the NAZI Eugenics Programs during the Third Reich and then criticizing THEM for doing WHAT THE USA HAD PROPOSED) is HYPOCRISY AT ITS WORST. To Mr. Limbaugh — you are starting to sound like a Right Wing version of (senile Quid Pro) JOE BIDEN. You may have to start following the words of Archie Bunker, who often had to tell his wife, Edith, to STIFLE (or to paraphrase “THE ROCK’ for those under 40:”KNOW YOUR ROLE, AND SHUT YOUR MOUTH”), before you get us Trumpians in any more TROUBLE than we’re already in thanks to your apparent mental decay….

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    Paul Fishman

    Repeat Rush Limbaugh says: the coronavirus is nothing more than a “common cold” blown out of proportion by the media to take down President Donald Trump. Also “It probably is a ChiCom laboratory experiment that is in the process of being weaponized.” “I’m not trying to get you to let your guard down. “It came from a country that Bernie Sanders wants to turn the United States into a mirror image of: Communist China. With ALL these statements they give me great comfort. I hope and pray what Rush Limbaugh says is true. I really want to believe this and be secure that President Trump will prevail. A sign would be within the next month or two the pandemic begins to reduce and the economy gets back on track.

  7. 7


    Just another Limbaugh lie. He should have gotten an award for deception. Satan is the master of deception.

  8. 8


    AMEN. Thank you Rush

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    Bonnie Sears

    I figured as much. Ebola was a farce too. Yes, people die, but that is with ANY flu or cold turning to pneumonia. This spreads in filthy areas as well as heavily populated areas. So. . . Pelousi is trying to pin the spread of a common cold or flu on President Trump, when she can’t even take care of sanitation in CA. I think it’s time to remove all Dementiacrats against our President. I appreciate the travel ban until it is nipped in the bud.

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    Frank Samples

    Much to the discomfort of the progressives and the liberal media, Rush’s wisdom has always pinpointed the errors in their group-think. This example of small problems being blown out of proportion is classic. Thank you, Rush.

  11. 11

    Tom Roberts

    Then why are people dying from the coronavirus?

  12. 12


    No wonder Rush earned his Medal of Freedom! He is more than willing to let 2% of the Americans die for freedom – of course, none of the 2% would be rich or Republican. Despite his own fatal illness, But Rush is in his secret underground bunker hunkered down and defending President Trump and rich Republican interests. But Rush is sending out a message of love and hope to all the victims of this new weaponized virus ! America has it own virus and al American victims will be avenged !!! What stinking garbage !!! Only Republicans will believe this newest Limpball lie !! Meal of Freedom? Limp must be sharing his Oxyies with Trump !!

  13. 13


    Goodness, how idiots abound around trump. Limbaugh wins the idiotic gold medal

  14. 14

    I believe that the Scientist who created the COVID-19 would have created an Antidote at the same time. So once again we are at the Mercy of those Elites. When will this Above All philosophy End !!!!!

  15. 15

    Right Now the Democratic Party is representing the Devil with its policies on killing Babies. So put that in your pipe and smoke it!!!!!

  16. 16


    It makes sense, the only way to take down president Trump is to crash the economy . What better than fear, fear of a major pandemic or fear of a Communist elected president . This is why the stick market is losing points.

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    Barbara johnson

    Look on the back of a Lysol can it states the human cornavirus which means Lysol can kill the germ it’s just a cold germ that’s all and rush is right

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    Carol Mack

    Regardless of what Limbaugh says, we need to be on guard. Remember when H1N1 was the flu of the century? Doctors said there was no way to determine if it was H1N1 or not. So, I’m wondering if its the same with the Corona Virus?
    Trump 2020

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    Laura Brunmeier

    I tend to believe it’s true…corona virus has been around a while and there are different kinds..This one has been deliberately made up to cause havoc on the U.S. and possibly be a way to reduce their population. I could be wrong, I’m just scared for our country, our world. It’s a very bad thing. I do believe Trump is trying to do his best to protect our country. There are haters and there always will be.

  20. 20


    I guess time will tell how right Rush is…as for me I think its much ado about nothing. Media hype….geez no wonder the Prez calls it fake news! Be sensible wash hands, stay home if sick, practice good hygiene. Its not rocket science.

  21. 21


    Thank you John Satan

  22. 22

    The 1989 AMA Encyclopedia of Medicine”s definition of the corona-virus is the common cold. You don”t have to believe Rush, just look up the definition for your self. It is always better to check the facts before you start to slam someone. Rush checks the facts before he broadcasts any thing.

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