Over 200 illegal immigrants released into the United States by DHS every single day

According to federal statistics, the Department of Homeland Security – at its current catch and release rates – releases over 200 illegal immigrants into the interior of the United States every single day.

After the implementation President Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy which keeps ‘asylum seekers’ in Mexico while they wait for their claims to be processed, the number of illegal immigrants being released into the country’s interior has leveled out to around 208 each day.

The DHS released 7,700 illegal immigrants into the interior of the country between July 23rd and August 26th. This month’s numbers mark a small increase in the level of catch and release to the weeks of July 10 and July 22 which saw approximately 192 illegal border crossers and illegal immigrants released into the U.S. each day.

This amount of catch and release cases seen during this period decreased by 85 percent compared to the amount that occurred before the enacting of Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy.

The catch and release process is far from ideal. In most cases, it involves federal immigration officials taking illegal border jumpers into nearby cities by bus. Sometimes it even involves flying illegal immigrants to the interior of the country and simply dropping them off with the mere hope that they show up at their immigration hearings.

Sadly, once they’re released into the United States, the vast majority of illegal immigrants and border jumpers are never deported. The illegal immigrants coming to this country are well aware of this and continue to game the system accordingly.

Right now, between 11 million and 22 million illegal immigrants are living in the United States. Most of them reside in states like California, New York, Texas, Florida, and Illinois.

In August, most illegal immigrants and border hoppers, somewhere around 4,100, were released in San Antonio, Texas. An additional 1,200 were let go in El Paso, whereas 1,500 were released in Phoenix, Arizona and another 900 were released in San Diego, California.

Most illegals and border jumpers will not show up to their immigration hearings and the cost to sustain them will passed along to the American taxpayer.

The Department of Homeland Security has released close to 224,700 illegal immigrants into the United States since December 21, 2018.

Each and every year, 1.2 million legal immigrants are admitted into the United States, with the vast majority of them arriving via a process known as “chain migration” – a process whereby newly naturalized citizens can bring an unlimited number of foreigners into the country.

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