McCabe Admits To Lying About Media Leaks | Patriots 4 Truth

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    Mike Tanco

    Arrest that SOB and several others that lied about our President.

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    Once a liar always a liar.

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    Ron P


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    Mark Cooley

    McCabe is and was a lying SOB and a conspirator in the attempt to bring down the Trump campaign. Prosecute him and all other conspirators for their traitorous actions to the fullest extent of Federal law. GET A ROPE!

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    Matthew Hurt

    He should be charged, tried and when found guilty go to prison.

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    McCabe is a disgraced and disgusting former FBI Deputy Director and current CNN contributor who should be behind bars for his actions.

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    old Mort

    He (McCabe) along with Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa page, Hillary Clinton, and a few others should be sent to prison for framing a duly elected and sitting president to unseat and impeach him. This was surely a coup! The government should surely arrest them all. But’ it will be like trying to sue a lawyer…. who are you going to get to sue him? A lawyer? hahahaha

  9. 9

    David in MA

    Put this prick in prison!

  10. 10


    Why was he not charged????

  11. 11


    Just another Traitor to Kill.

  12. 12

    Silver Fox

    They (the FBI and Doj) are hiding in the shadows with their tails tucked like a bunch of beat dogs hoping they won’t get noticed. Part of the swamp rats! Need to be cleaned out and sent to Gitmo! Now hollywierd is trying to portray as righteous heroes with prime time drama shows. The media is to blame too!😡

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    AG Macdonald

    Timing is everything! There’s a bunch of indictments coming down this year. Look for them as the election nears. By no means will it be a political thing by the DOJ either. It’s the perfect storm the entire making by the Clinton Klan of mafia thugs and their anointed Clapper, Comey, McCabe & the “FBI lover duo” of lyin’ lawyer’s.

    They are all going down. But there’s a big group of other lyin’ pontificate’s who must somehow be brought to justice. The lyin’ “fake news media.” The mist complicit, corrupt intertwined RICO “organized crime scheme” of all time. What they’ve done in their abuse and never ending scheme of abusing so called ” freedom of the press” has been a commingled consortium of involvement with the “deep state.”

    Each person who’s spewed lies and falsities as well as the networks must be prosecuted, fined, jailed and broadcast licenses revoked.

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    What’s the probability that he was paid to lie (by Trump haters)?…h-h-h-m-m-m.
    I agree with you Ron P – he, and the rest of those scumbags, should ALL be in prison!!!
    I am SO SICK of the lies and deception for political reasons, wasting time and (our) money and IGNORING THE NEEDS OF THE COUNTRY in the effort to bring down a good man. First, they were in a HUGE rush because he is dangerous “to the security of our country”. Bulls**t!! Now they’re delaying – what happened to the urgency?? Do they not know how transparent they are and how we can see through them!!!??? Are you listening Pelosi, you jerk???

  15. 15


    Russian collusion by Trump? What these top officials of the Obama administration did and attempted to do rivals the KGB!
    The only reason it is exposed is because their bets on Queen Clinton being crowned didn’t happen even after all of their communistic efforts!

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