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    The time is LONG overdue to break down the door to the “secret room” and haul away to JAIL every treasonous traitor that participated in this COUP against a duly elected POTUS to awaiy their trial and punishment for TREASON.

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    They will continue to waste tax dollars and not do any work that benefits the people.As long as they get their salary they don’t give a shit about people regardless of either party.LOSERS

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    Ron jr

    The United States has suffered enough with the greatest economy ever, the greatest unemployment numbers ever, the greatest employment numbers for all Americans , women , blacks, Asians , Hispanics. Young entry level employees, veterans , released felons. Everybody is winning , winning, winning…
    Just in time for winter and the holidays. God bless America and strong , patriotic WORLD LEADER MY PRESIDENT, VERY BEST EVER, DONALD J. TRUMP.

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    Paul Fishman

    National Security Advisor John Bolton considers this impeachment vote nothing more than a sham for a Coup of the Presidency of the United States. He believes these fools are NOT doing the job they are supposed to do but doing their own selfish agenda to endanger this nation.

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    bernard chope

    Old Soldier
    Former Democrat
    CRIME & people who live practicing crime are not welcome.

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