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    Lee Cumbie

    Not sure why you say ‘discredited’. I’m not aware anyone has been willing to investigate it at all.

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    Ya well that tells you they believe Biden is dirty for sure that’s what I get out of it. The bad thing is you have a bunch of people who believe this idiots or Democraps it’s unwavering to see it unfolding the amount of time this idiots have spent and the money is mind boggling, I have real news idiots Trump has been audited every year if he was dirty the IRS would have got him along time ago he’s very high profile for them they would have leaked it to the press along time ago so here we are third year of trying to impeach or rub he’s face in the dirt and he has managed to come out of this smelling like a rose and working for the people he has done a marvelous job with all of the fan fare he gets from the left,they really make me sick to my stomach with the crap they have said and have done to our duly elected by the people for the people and next it is going to be a landslide the Dems will not know what hit them!!!

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    Biden has been trading in on his public office since he was a senator,” Mr Giuliani reportedly said to an unidentified man. In the conversation, he brought up the discredited allegations that Joe Biden, when vice-president, stopped an investigation in Ukraine to protect his son Hunter. (This allegation has never been discredited,Biden himself was videotaped “Bragging about getting the prosecutor fired along with how he did so”).

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    I think it’s time for Rudy to keep his phone in the inside pocket of his suit jacket. Can’t let the enemy unwillingly know our intentions.

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    So what! Giuliani is an asset to the U.S. – he knows Biden is corrupt and is speaking up. Biden is a no talent politician that been lying, living off the government teat for over 40 years and should not be allowed to hold office again. Typically Biden’s thinking is muddled, mediocre and mendacious – and his public behavior with women is awful (like “feeling up” little girls who can’t complain). Listening to Crazy Uncle Joe debate is difficult – he’s often unable to communicate anything intelligent – maybe even showing signs of dementia. Additionally, he must think his previous rank as vice president exempts him from consequences. His blatant corrupt behavior in the Ukraine/Hunter Biden scandal is “beyond the pale”. Isn’t it amazing that today’s democrats would even consider this complete dud for president?

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