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    personally, I do not “like” Trump. That said, HE really seems to love this Nation,and continues to demonstrate that by his actions ! The democrats,on the other hand have shown total disdain,if not outright vitriolic hatred for anyone who disagrees with their OBVIOUS contempt for the citizens (I WAS a democrat LONG ago).. I think a senate “trial” will absolutely show the democrats up for the phonies they are..ALL those “hidden witnesses” will now be exposed to a REAL interrogation UNDER OATH. Lets see if they think they can lie to a guy like Graham…The Senate will have the power to Refer them for criminal prosecution..Shithead will not be able to hide them any longer. Once this whole charade is exposed the democrats (in my opinion ) are done !! Hopefully for a VERY long time !!

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    Senate Republicans need to vet every witness to make sure that lies have not been planted To force the impeachment of a duly elected President of the United States

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    Donna Zuar

    This is a mess!! I will not vote for anyone that doesn’t support President Trump! He has proven himself to the real Americans! I would get rid of Pelosi and Schiff! They need to go!
    Trump 2020!

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    this impeachment against our awesome president is a disgrace on the people who voted for him. The first man who can think and run our government in an honest way who does not need to steal from the people because he worked all his life and is a billionaire and does not even want a salary for his awesome work. What kind of people are these crooks from the swamp? It makes me sick to think they think I am so stupid, that I can’t see the truth. Lord help those who can not see.

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    Craig Michael Vandertie

    With all those Rats who like all the members of the Democratic party all of them who adhere to and embrace the principles of which Communistshariazionhasidism are based are the ones who need to be charged with, detained, tried, found guilty of crimes against the genuinely cognizant patriots of this nation that they are clearly in violation of the laws and sentenced to death for treason.

    The opinion of the Rats should not even be taken into consideration.

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    Byron Riemer

    Democrats are stalling Trumps fantastic program. They don’t have anything and never have. Everything Trump has worked on has improved our lives and democrats despise him for it. They can’t control someone that owes no one anything and can’t sleep at night. This is because Trump can do what is Right not what they want. That’s okay because Trump will win re-election by an even greater electoral number than in 2016.
    I’m proud of this president. The world only wishes they has someone in charge that is effective as as Trump.

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    harrison burnel

    you mean whatever tyrant schitt does and passes with no votes from republicans and perhaps not all democrats, which defies logic and the clinton, nixon and johnson impeachments that did allow presidents the same rights of citizens. the dems are playing games. they have nothing and want him dead. already the cia ex directors are staying they know of cabals that are out to get him. if so, the fbi, secret service needs to haul them in and grill them. this is getting really sstupid

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    If you want to know what was in that phone call, reAd the transcript! Don’t fall for Nancy Pelosi & Chuck Schumer’s venom toward our President! Remember we can vote y’all out

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    Yeah well those senators who are running next year better think twice about not standing with Trump 100% because if they do not they will surely be voted out. We put Trump in office and he is doing what we the people who pay your salaries and put you in office we want Trump to remain in office another 4 years. If you do anything to promote or encourage or not protest this sham if an impeachment then you can bet you will not be back in office.

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    BOB Cottrell

    What a bunch of wimps democrats are conducting a sham impeachment and some jackass republicans want to play nice what a bunch of bull screw the dems do they do not realize what a sham this is keep it up get a dem in as president and than watch our country crumble

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    Bill Meyers

    Don’t know if this is true, probably not considering CNN is tho source. If it is those Republicans can kiss their political careers goodbye. Democrats using BS charges, and GOP wants to ket them get away with it? This is exactly why our nation id in the gutter we are in. You know the same one Trump is trying to get us out of..

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    Carol Merrill

    Republicans had best remember the support President Trump has and had when he was elected to office.

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    More out in the open my ass. What the dems are doing is a disgrace to this once great country. I’m glad that I’m 77 years old and won’t be around much longer to see how this ends. It’s getting worse by the day. I don’t know how President Trump puts up with the constant lies by the MSM. He doesn’t NEED the headaches of this BS and his family must be getting awfully tired of it. It’s just like that Gruber guy said when Obamacare was passed, that it never would have passed but for the complete naivete of the American voter, or words to that effect. And, now its happening all over again.

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    Republicans are their own worst enemy. One thing you can say for Democrats, they stick together; right, “wrong”, or indifferent. Democrats never question their leadership or show any division (which shows they are all good followers – not the leaders they should be) where Republican turn against each other (and President Trump) at the drop of a hat. Democrats have the power they have because the Republicans give it to them. This whole impeachment inquiry has been handled “badly” by the Democrats (i.e., hearsay evidence, collusion with the Democrats before the complaint was filed, changing of the “hearsay” rules just as the complaint was filed, coaching of witnesses, “secret” hearings, etc.) and should be openly condemned by “all” Republicans but good Republicans don’t stand with each other – so the “good” Republicans won’t condemn what they know is wrong or call this Democratic Impeachment hoax what is really is, they will listen to what the Democrats “make up” against the President and give it a “fair” and “impartial” hearing, right! Republicans are their own worst enemy and America will pay the price (just like California has)!! Look, listen,and learn.

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    Hey Republicans you better stop this farce!! Against our President!! If you don’t you are worse than the demonratts!! You are back stabbed if our President and the American people!! We voted for President Trump!!! So do your damn jobs stop running and hiding from the demonratts!! How about grow a pair why don’t you Republicans!!!!

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    Charles F. Sebesta


    Bring it on! Allow this farce of an “impeachment” process to proceed to the Senate. Allow the TRUTH’s to be heard by all. I Voted for a Fantastic American President Donald John Trump. President Trump and his entire Administration as well as “ALL Legal” Americans who voted for him and have learned that he has already {Made} “America Great Again” despite the Soros Owned Media Fake news publishers and the bought and paid for Reps. (by George Soros and his billionaire European friends) DEMAND their/our Constitutional Rights to speak and to be heard – Since we do, by The Rule of Law, want the Truths exposed before the entire USA and the World.

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    I think the Republicans should not let this impeachment to continue or give it careful consideration.. If they give it too much serious consideration it begins to make people think there is something impeachable. There is some slanted truths that don’t match Trump’s phone call . it’s a brainwashing technique and there some powerful lying spirits in the leaders of the Democrates leading this impeachment. Don’t let yourselves be decieved.

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    I’m sick of these Republicans in the Senate who want to carry the ball that Congress wants to pass to them on the impeachment of President Trump. Is McConnell a Trump hater? Does he have something to prove to America by using his power in the Senate? These turncoat Republicans must be voted out!

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    The Republican Party needs to get it’s shit together. Impeachment would only move us closer to Communism.

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    Brenda. Preston

    I will not support anyone who deserts Trump !

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    We need Republicans with a strong support only to win their races. President Trump is best leader for us in my 73 years of life. The Dems have been taken over by very scary money like Soros. The media must be outed, as well as much untruths on web sites. They are definitely censoring us, aol just did that to me just for defending against personal attacks by dem idiot, who was allowed to call me a 6 year old blonde, because I was defending our wonderful President.

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    After watching the televised .”INQUITY”, it’s obvious that this is an attempt by a corrupt Dem Party to ambush Trump. They are making a huge mistake that they wont recover from for years

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    sure is sad to see all these comments about protecting trump—omg people wake up he is a con man in sheep clothing. this country is turning into tribalism
    maybe we need to look at what is best for our country . trump is lining his own pockets with this shame of a president

    gop has turned in to a party of obstruction ,corruption, the party of hypocrites and racist.

    all of gop is racist–let us look at who they elect to represent them. white mans club

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    Republicans. R going to lay down and let jerry and the rest of the rats walk over them .We the people put them in we can take them out

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    Frank Q

    The more read from these comments the more I realize people are like robots. or this site is a sham. I believe that these were written by Pres. Trump political operatives. I believe both parties have a lot of bad baggage. and both sides need to grow up. The best thing we could do in this country is to instill Term limmits. cap on campain cost. fund it by the Govt.
    We can agree to disagree on a lot of things thats normal in any Govt or Company. But this BS by both parties about being bi-partisan is crap. We have not been a bi-partisan Govt.since Regan became President. Is Welfare out of control YES Republicans answer cut cut cut . Democrats NO NO NO. both parties need to be asking how can we reform or in simple terms (fix it). Trim the waste eliminate the fraud and prosecute the offenders. S S needed a lot of tweaking over the years and it has survived. do you want to be the Congress that destroys things of fix them.
    A dual party system is good but they need to work together and create not divided and destroy .
    Maybe some of Pres Trump’s policies are good but most people resent being talked down to as if there idiot’s. I am ashamed to admit we have a president how bold face lies and then in his next statement confirms it. How can anyone accept the excuse “it just Donald being Donald” He is the President of the United States not Cuba. Its time he started acting like it he chose the job. Show some dignity to the office you hold. Remember you work for us, not us for you.
    As much as i have a low opinion of Pres Trump I address him with his title. He should show the same respect to his rivals

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    I agree with The President. Have a full blown trial and expose the phoney RINOs and the anti-American Dimotats. Clean out the swamp.

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    Are you people kidding?
    This is the most corrupt President we’ve EVER had!
    Clearly , you are only listening to Fox News.
    Open your eyes!

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    As an independent who voted for Reagan Bill Clinton and Trump. Never been a party sheep. Trump is the biggest mistake I have ever made. He has alienated our allies and they laugh at him because of all of his bragging on his self and continous lies he tells. He is in bed with the Russions, saudis, and north koreans. He is selling our troops to Saudi Arabia. And canceled all of the regulations that protect our enviornment for bigger corporate profits. We are all Americans who have good and bad ideas. Open your minds and quit hating people that don’t vote straight party ticket.

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    This President has withstood more vitriolic hatred since he was elected. If you look back over the past three years, hatred seems to be all people know any more. I have never in my life seen such vitriol and hatred. The liberal left began actions to overthrow this president from the very day this President took the oath of office. I have never voted a straight-party ballot in my life, but the behavior that has taken place in the past three years makes me sick and gives me cause to reconsider that. God’s Word teaches that the greatest command for us is to love one another as we love ourselves. The extreme partisanship I’ve seen over the lat three years is intolerable. President Trump has done more for this nation in 3 years than some of his predecessors did in 8 years. Do I support him, You bet I do. I was not raised as a Catholic, but I don’t hate anyone either. I may hate the things people do, but not the people.

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    Samuel Ramsey Jr

    I really like Trump he might not be the smartest president he should think before he speaks But he has done alot more good for our people than Obama ever did everyone loved him he was the worst president iv ever seen insurance went out of sight millions of coal miners lost their jobs now look at Trump unemployment lowest it’s been in decades now China has to pay their share on the stuff we get and we send them you can bet if he runs in 2020 he will have my vote Democrats have hounded him every since Clinton lost the American people saw where this country was going with another Obama in office and said no more

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    What a shame the direction this country is trying to go. This country continues to grow and evolve as the most free and open minded country in the world. Our country has engaged in activities that were consistent with world stage norms and accepted values of the time. That is not saying those values were good but no one in this world operates in a vacuum and our values influence each other and they grow and evolve thru free speech and civil debate. Nothing good has ever come for one group FORCING their values or perspectives on their opponents or neighbors. We should all keep in mind that it is rare indeed that there is only a single path or solution to the issues facing us and sometimes another’s solution or path can be better than our first thoughts. Accepting that truth has been fundamental to the success of our republic but we are loosing site of that reality. I use to vote for who I thought was best for the position. I have lost faith in the Democratic Party because the have become so narcissistic that they feel only they know what will work and is best for this country. I can absolutely assure you they are no more patriotic than every republican in this country.

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    Sandra C

    Im Sorry But This Whole Impeachment Ordeal Is A Big Waste Of Time , No One Is Focused On Their Jobs , Or The Promises They Had Made from Election Time 2016 .
    Quite Frankly Some Of The Democrats Might
    Get Voted out .
    All The Democratic People That I Know Are
    Upset , Irritated , & Madd About The Goings On With The Stupid Waste Of Time & Our Tax Dollars Being Wasted on Stupidity.
    And That They Dont Even Like Any of The Dem. Candidates . SMH

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    Lisa Burrell

    Hey Jim have you not been paying attention to all the things coming out about Clinton, Barack? They’re all crooked. But Trump is trying to do right for Americans which Presidents in the pass have not. We kissed all the foreign countries asses because we’re America and have to give everyone everything or we’re bad people. We forget about the fact they don’t reciprocate. Did these people come to our aid when hurricane Katrina it us? No, only the UK. But we’re expect to give, give, and give money we don’t have. Trump isn’t afraid to call them out and we need a leader who isn’t and thinks of us. Illegals…do you want to give your benefits you worked your entire life for and let them have it and you nothing because it unethical? He’s not saying they can’t come he just do it legally like us legal Americans who have to obey the laws. Wake up! I’m tired of paying a fortune for healthcare. Obama care, what a joke. All it did is raise my premiums double while illegals, drug pushers who make more than us get it fess. Yes there are those who need it but more than half don’t. Illegals to get social security when they never contribute. No. Democrats don’t understand the meaning of illegal and it’s a joke for them to say they’re obligated to follow the institution. The children are unfortunate but they knew they weren’t legal so if they missed them so much take them with you. I would. Just because they got used to a life being taken care of isn’t our fault. The money they make some goes back to their country so it’s not even being recirculated in our country. Wake up and vote for people who wants America to thrive and doesn’t want others to trample on us anymore. Stop having everyone laugh at us. When you’re ready to retire you’ll be thanking yourself and the other Americans who weren’t afraid to take a stand.

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    The Republican party will fight like hell to defend Our President! When your pushing false information To Frame a Sitting President That’s Treason, High Crimes !

  36. 37


    Putin is our adversary.
    He’s running this nation right now.
    Get your head out of the sand.
    Authoritarian regime is not what Veterans fought for.

  37. 38


    I am sick to death of this nonsense. Many commenters here accuse Trump of racism and lining his pockets. Do they consider not allowing illegal immigrants free access into our country racism? Do they consider not taking a salary lining his

    pockets? I wish they would comment intelligently for a change if they are even able. I know they cannot spell. No one has even remotely proved high crimes or misdemeanors. Republicans better take a stand and throw it out in the Senate. I daresay many politicians jobs are on the line. I hope they pay dearly if they do not stand behind our President. It is the RIGHT thing to do. I wonder if any of them from either political party even vaguely remember how to DO the right thing anymore?

  38. 39


    Everyone wants a trial so that a lot of corruption and lies can be brought out. Only thing is that the drama will not be good for the nation to air out the laundry.

  39. 40

    Annie Scott

    Pelosi, Schumer, and Schiff need to go. Trump 2020. This President has withstood more vitriolic hatred since he was elected. If you looked over pasted three, hatred seems to all the people know any more. I have never in my life seen such hatred in Congress trying to impeach a President and the refusal to work with a President to get the job. The fact the Congress has refuse to work the President of the United States should have sent them home and elected new people that would work with them or give President right to send home and have their home state elected new people to their seats. We People of the United States elected him President of the United States. He has done for us and create more jobs, grew the economy, brought countries close together. He is a great President. The Liberals are just getting worse by the day and refuse to see what they are doing wrong and want to crucifix this President for nothing. He has done nothing wrong. My family and Friends are voting for President Trump in 2020. I hated this impeachment. He did nothing wrong. They need to impeach the do nothing Democrats who sought out the impeachment inquiry in the first place.

  40. 41

    Annie Scott

    I believe that they should acquit the President Trump. He did nothing wrong. I am sorry for this country. President has hounded by the Democrats since before he took office by impeachment. This is wrong. President Trump is the best thing that has ever happened to this country. I don’t agree with him tweeting constantly because he gets himself into constanting trouble with. But understand why he does. The media is fair to him. President Trump has done more for this country and believes in United States. He has done everything he could in his power and tried to his promises. Congress is trying to keep him from keeping by not giving him his money. They want to control and instead of working with him. The liberal Congress refuses to work. They started when President took and refuse to work with him. I wish their was a way he could force the go home and have the home state re-elected some else that would to work with the President and the job done for the people of their state. This is way we need term limits for every one in Congress. President Trump has done more for the US in three than any one else. We have a booming economy. Thank you President Trump. My whole family is voting for you. Trump 2020/2024.
    Mitch McConnell do you must. Get President ready for 2020.

  41. 42


    frankQ and tara are part of the problem they watch cnn msnbc, at least fox gives both sides

  42. 43

    Marsha Willett

    There is one issue that should be addressed before any votes are taken. Any person running for president should immediately recuse themself from the trial. Warren and Sanders and anyone else in the 2020 race should be excluded from voting because they are running against President Trump. Even though they signed they will be fair and impartial we know that is not the case. They have stated that during the debates. I hope someone brings this up and they are disqualified from voting in the trial.

  43. 44


    All the Never Trumpers, RINOs, and CommieRats can GO TO HELL !

    President Donald Trump is the Best President the USA has had for decades !
    He loves the USA and continues to work hard to make it Great Again .

    If you don’t love the USA then I say FUH-Q … you best pack up and get the hell out !

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    Trump may not be perfect and in this sham of impeachment, he is innocent BUT he is better than any democrat on the ticket in 2016 and he is FAR better prepared to be POTUS than any would be candidate that the Dems have put forward thus far. Clinton is busy throwing barbs at her own party candidates, in hopes that she will prepare a better place for her to enter the race. She still has not figured out that she is despised by the American public. Any Republican senator who back stabs Trump, best be looking for a new job soon! Clear our president of this ridiculous impeachment folly and let the man get back to doing more good work! TRUMP IS INNOCENT ON THE IMPEACHMENT CHARGES!

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    What this article neglects to mention is that there is no fair way to conduct any impeachment by the Senate if the charges brought against the President are brought by a partisan group who would not only lie, cheat,and steal, but would also scream, bully, and kill their own newborn for the sake of getting their own way. If one side is willing to break every rule and is not held accountable to the rule of law, then I don’t care how much the Senate wants to try and be fair. The dems. will just take advantage the process over and over and whatever they want to do to win!If they want the trial to be fair, they have to hold the house accountable for EVERY step of the process and make sure due process and innocence until proven guilty is observed. That wasn’t followed here at all with the first impeachment! Shame on both parties!

  46. 47


    Bloomberg is right. “Anyone running for President is better than Trump,”

  47. 48


    What happened to my post? patriots4truth.com can’t take truth.

  48. 49


    I feel that President Trump is doing good for our COUNTRY and anyone that don’t AGREE is a DEMOCRAT. People better wake up to the Fact that our PRESIDENT is putting up with GARBAGE from the Left and I am sick OF THESE PEOPLE!!!!!! IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT HERE MOVE YOUR BUTT OX ELSE WHERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. 50


    As a small business man I like Trump and voted for him the last time and will this time also.
    You have to understand that as business man used to running a business he is running the country as President like that of the business man he is. Yes he expects the board of directors ( House and Sennett) to look over his planes make changes in them and do the managerial things . You will agree that this country is in better shape today then it has been for a long time I think since Regain “o” yes he was the president of a union also a good management experience. When we just had 8 yes of low expertness in the top person it is refreshing to have a president that will straighten things out and have the foresight to believe that our best is yet to come. Take the medical condition we are in now we have lost a small number of our citizens ( yes 1 is to much) when smaller country s have lost 1,000 s .

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    President Trump is the best man for what our country needs and I thank God for his work.

  51. 52


    I think we should FORGET ABOUT IMPEACHMENT we have bigger fish to fry right now!

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