GOP Accuses Dems of Selectively Leaking Info on Biden Investigations | Patriots 4 Truth

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    “No one can serve two masters” Should not this truism be applied to elected officials? Elected to serve the Unites States of America and its Constitution, and then turn betray their oath of office by serving the interests self and others? Should not the damaged party (USA) have recourse against those violating their oath of office?

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    First off, the House impeachment proceedings was like a kangaroo court and very unethical.
    Senator Wyden is not being honest when he knows the President has every right to withhold private conversations with him as privileged information or have anyone on his staff not testify to same.
    In my opinion, there was perjury involved by two leaders of the proceedings and they should be held accountable for it through the court.

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    Daniel Pascal

    It’s official. Grassley and Johnson are not street fighters. Just proper whimps who will never match the other side. It’s time to wake up and use your upper hand. The other side does every time they can!

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    And here we go again. The DEMS are such liars and ignorant people in the House, that it’s hard to understand what is fact and fiction. There are 2 distinct situations, but the DEMS want you, America, to believe that they were short changed during the House diliberations on the hoax impeachment. Let me shed a tear for you.
    You are so ruthless, you’ve already begun ANOTHER impeachment.
    I wish there were a way for the U.S. citizens to put a half to you arseholes in the House. Enough is enough. Get another life, like doing YOUR JOB for the American people. Get over the fact that Trump won the election and your self appointed Queen KIillary lost.
    I hope the DOJ gets you for treason and sedition, working against America in your deep state.
    Obnoxious people. I only wish I could meet some of you to your face and tell you exactly what I think of each of you. You seem to forget all the CHIT that Obama put us through breadking, at my last count, 76 violations of the law including the Constitution. Didn’t hear a peep out of you, bstgrds.

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    This leaking is a way of life with the Democrat’s so i’m not surprised that this is going on.Until there is some internal control’s that require prosecution of individual’s that may partake in this activity it will continue

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    The Democratic Party DOES NOT leak. It is more like Niagara Falls.

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    Raymond white

    Let the Bidens alone ,they are Democrats!
    Victoriously fighting for the destruction of our country and the demoralizing of our people

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    it seems that the Democrats have TANTRUMS and spout LIES when they DON’T get their way . . . looks like a LOT of “unwokeness” going on in the Democrat CLOWN car. NOW you know WHY the Democrats will lose BIG TIME (YAY!) come the 2020 elections. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

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