President Trump’s Cameo Cut From Classic Christmas Movie! | Patriots 4 Truth

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    Hollyweird Sucks . Our Family does Not watch Many Movies anymore . All these Loudmouth commies in the industry do Not get a penny from us !

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    Like he gives two shits……….such pathetic children…..wah wah wah!! SOOOOO PATHETIC AND JUVENILE!!!

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    The movie verson they bought was from 2014

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    Bruce Walters

    Democrats, the party of immature, childish get backs. They cut Trump our of a cameo in the film “Home alone 2” Boy, that’ll show him, won’t it?

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    Politics and blantant self aggrandizing has no place in movies. It’s what liberals do. Hey your other face is showing.

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    Folks, just one more sign the liberals of the world are coming for us. You will not be allowed to do anything good or nice (Like the president’s cameo) If he was paid, he most likely donated the money to a charity.

    SICK, SICK, SICK..*I did not want to use Demorats words, so I have just said Sick

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    Hahaha! I guess they think that means it never happened. They changed history again. Pretty petty arn’t they?

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    I didn’t realize it was him; I thought a look-alike was portraying him.

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