Zombie Apocalypse

Unless you have been living under a rock, you realize that the world that we live in may be facing an epidemic of major proportions.  This has come into light with the onset of the Coronavirus.  When one looks into our past, it would be easy to find data supporting humanity or certain groups of people being attacked by some deadly disease that threatens the lives of millions.

Could there actually be a zombie apocalypse one day?  That’s an interesting yet scary question to ask.  A few years ago in Florida, we had the bath salt incidents where people would ingest the bath salts then proceed to eat the faces off of unsuspecting victims.  How soon do we forget.  There was one case where a young college student named Austin Harrouff brutally beat, stabbed and murdered a husband and wife in Martin County.  Oh yeah, he also ate their face.  A neighbor bore witness to this act and tried to intervene to no avail.  The guy was jacked up on the salts and out of his mind.  Harrouff was shot, tased and repeatedly kicked in the head by the police but persisted to gnaw on the face of the male victim.  Toxicology tests showed that he had only marijuana in his system.  I wonder.

On May 26, 2012, a homeless man in Miami, Randy Eugene, after indulging in bath salts, gnawed Ronald Poppo’s face down to the goatee.  A witness said that the forehead was eaten down to the bone and there was no nose or mouth.  Eck.  There were several cases like these across the nation which makes one wonder if someone or group of individuals were attempting to create zombies.  Keep in mind that Hollywood loves to keep this zombie narrative going.  We had World War Z starring Brad Pitt, Night Of The Living Dead movies and the series on network TV.  One must begin to connect the dots.

Most of us go to the doctor and whatever the doctor prescribes as an injury, sickness, disease or ailment, we take it.  Easy to pull the wool over unsuspecting eyes.  Heres what I learned about the coronavirus:  The virus has an 83% infection rate and a 17% fatality rate.  This virus can go symptomless for 14 days but is still highly contagious in this incubation period.  There has been 170 deaths in China due to the Coronavirus and the number of cases is now over 8000 worldwide.  This virus was biochemically engineered.  This means it was made in a lab either for research or to create a biological weapon.  It was created by combining 2 forms of SARS virus found in bats.  It is said to be able to infiltrate the human body via the eyeballs.  500 thousand people evacuated China prior to the quarantine which will aid in the spreading of the virus.  China knew about the leak of the virus prior to the outbreak.  Right now the Wuhan Coronavirus is worse than that of the Swine Flu.

This information was updated by Dr. Paul Cotrell of Harvard University.  Oligarchs like Bill Gates keep touting population reduction.  In laboratories, they create killer bugs.  Meanwhile, there is a Superbowl game this weekend that nobody has mentioned postponing until further notice due to a possible epidemic or pandemic.  I wonder why?  I will leave you with this, stay away from densely populated areas unless you have a hazmat suit.  Let us all pray for a speedy resolution to this confusion.

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4 Thoughts to “Zombie Apocalypse”

  1. Mark

    You forgot to mention that in the movie “I Am Legend”, the zombie apocalypse was caused by a “new miracle flu vaccine” that was supposed to eradicate the flu virus all together after a world wide outbreak… eerily coincidental…

  2. Ron Dawson

    I thought this story was going to be about Democrats running for Congress.

  3. well if they wanted to eat brains in the usa they would starve to death.

  4. Craig Michael Vandertie

    Yet those wicked people with the disseminators of deception services and the CDC are lying through their teeth about how lethal the Corona virus is trying go convince the general public that the most common Influenza strain for over the past year has killed 10,000 United States citizens, only a Zombie would believe such nonsense.

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