Giuliani – Bolton Is a ‘Lier’ or a ‘Backstabber’ | Patriots 4 Truth

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    bolton also shouldbe jailed. whith all the other liars.

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    When will we really see the Biden’s and the Clinton’s etc ever brought to justice. As regular citizens we see allot of cover ups on them and long inquiries but no justice and they are constantly tied to lots of shady stuff . When will there be true justice against them ???

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    Ralph A. Hunt

    It has been said; “Sooner or later, the truth becomes self-evident.” In turn, when the truth is made evident, let all those who have distorted the truth for their own purposes, let their punishment be equal to their crimes. I keep remembering the words of the Lord; “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.”

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    I don’t think unverified “he said/she said” comments HARDLY qualify as “evidence”. When do the HOUSE Democrats have any time to do the “nation’s work”? I think we know who we need to VOTE OUT of office come the 2020 Elections. Giuliani was right. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

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    I think he’s both a liar and a back stabber. He is only out for himself.

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    Anthony M Schemm

    Giuliani like all of tRumpts minions are liars, and much much worse.
    Isn’t it odd, that no matter who breaks ranks are summarily raked over the coals and deemed a “Liar”. They are all Liars, especially that fake wannabe dictator, who idolizes Putin and wishes to make the UNITED STATES a communist country so he can be a tyrant of biblical proportions!

    Just look at all who came before Bolton, list them all and show this list to the American People. These individuals were thrown under the bus and had their reputations trashed.

    Don’t even get me started on poor ambassador Maria Yvonovich!!!! Just sickening what tRumpt and his minions did to this fine upstanding government official.

    No one, I mean no one is safe from tRumpts tyrannizing ways. This is the United States of America, no one, not even tRumpt is allowed to harass and demean anyone for their political affiliations.

    tRumpts reign of terror should have been dismantled and shipped out of this Democracy, not allowed to return.

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    John Strom

    John Bolton is a liar AND backstabber.

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