Democrats Hire Former Violent Inmate for Diversity Advisor

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) hired a man who has admitted to shootings and dealing drugs to be a senior adviser for diversity and inclusion.

Dyjuan Tatro, who is known for appearing in the 2019 PBS documentary series “College Behind Bars,” where inmates work to get degrees while they are in prison, was hired by the DCCC after serving a six-year prison sentence for racketeering conspiracy. When he was convicted in 2011, he was already in prison for shooting two rival gang members in 2006, The New York Post reported.

Tatro also called himself a “triggerman” for the Original Gangsta Killas gang in New York. He confessed to the gang-related shootings, and also confessed to a “razor slashing” in 2002 of another victim. Tatro also said he was making at least $12,000 a month dealing drugs. He reportedly conspired to traffic more than 50 grams of crack cocaine, The Post reported.

Cole Leiter, the DCCC’s communications director, weighed in on the story Monday morning, defending the hire and calling the headline “trash.”

Tatro sent a tweet Monday morning saying: “Today is a great day to hire a formerly incarcerated person.”

The Post asked the DCCC about the hire. A spokesman responded by saying: “Dyjuan is a formerly incarcerated person who has worked hard to change the trajectory of his life through education and service to his community.”

“He has served his time for the crimes he committed and is now a national leader in the bipartisan movement to reform our criminal justice system and bring meaningful improvements to the education system in American prisons. Such critical work breaks cycles of recidivism by making sure more people leave prison with the skills to hold down a job and contribute to their communities,” he continued.

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4 Thoughts to “Democrats Hire Former Violent Inmate for Diversity Advisor”

  1. What did you expect from moron commiecrats? Garbage in, garbage out! Totally STUPID!

  2. John

    Wow, Pedophile, rapist, and pervert, Joe the Baby Killer and rapist Triple 6 Biden hires felon and killer as diversity director. A ought to be on the same page. All great felons think a like. What next Charles Manson for Planned Parent Hood Director. You go democrats, We are in great hands. You are truly becoming the New Nazi Party.

  3. Greta

    Why wouldn’t they hire a criminal, it takes one to know one. The demorats are lifelong cheaters so one more fits right in with their agenda.

  4. CPO Bill

    There are no criminals in the dumbocraps eyes.

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