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    Ms. Stepman’s last paragraph summation says it all! Who in their right mind would subsidize one of their off-spring attending college to major in Women’s Studies, or African American Studies? Anything with “Studies” in the title? While at the same time, becoming indoctrinated in anything anti-American. Auto mechanics, electricians, carpenters, welders, etc. are much more in demand, and earn considerable more than these “majors” could ever provide. I’m for complete and IMMEDIATE defunding of all universities who spread their divisive propaganda. We are in terrible straits right NOW, not in the future.

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    Paul Fishman

    This gives you final evidence that open public liberal Universities have made a stand NO longer to teach quality education for students to learn as independent adults in a mature Constitutional society. These mainstream liberal Universities are now cheap rate quality schools of indoctrination to teach you what to think as a slave. Also the same Universities are taking adolescent minded students to be raised up as the new generation of Marxist leftist terrorists to be taught military rebel tactics to go out into society and tear down ALL its foundations through violent anarchism. This has been going on for years teaching this Non-Education Ideology. Unless you go to a private College or Trade School to learn Economics, Business, Accounting, Computers and Information and Technology, ALL other higher education of Liberal Arts, Humanities and Law are a bunch of junk propaganda of ignorance and destruction.

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