So what new ‘crisis’ are they planning?

Despite the best combined efforts of leftist Democrats and their Fake News minions to keep America in a total panic throughout the spring, the political manipulations of the Wuhan Flu “Pandemic” eventually became evident, as people began to notice that the streets across America were not littered with the bodies of the dead. As the days dragged on and the weather warmed, the devastating effects of everything except the virus began to take their collective toll on the nation.

The economy was in a shambles, domestic abuse and suicide rates skyrocketed, and the general health and wellbeing of Americans who had never been touched by the virus had nonetheless taken a huge hit. So, in defiance of the “experts” whose dire prognostications had been completely wrong, doors opened and people stepped cautiously out into the daylight. To their amazement, they lived to tell of the experience.

With Memorial Weekend approaching, the rebound across the nation was rapid and profound. Unemployment rates plummeted as Americans happily went back to work. Summer tourism began to recover, and Americans were once again making plans to get their lives back to the flourishing prosperity that they had been enjoying only a few months prior. But that which is good for America is, by definition, bad for the leftist Democrats and their strategy of maximizing the crisis to seize political power.

So it was that on May 25, when George Floyd was cruelly murdered in Minneapolis by a policeman who had a long history of abuses and excesses, leftists had their new “cause” on which they could exuberantly pounce, in order to continue their manipulations of the American people through crisis and pandemonium. Protests against the horrendous event quickly escalated into riots, with leftist Democrat politicians once again given center stage on the nightly news to raise racial discord and stoke the anger to a horrific crescendo.

Suddenly, the Wuhan virus pandemic was passé. Leftist Fake News minions completely reversed their opposition to public gatherings, virtually claiming that the “worthiness” of the cause of rioters and looters rendered them immune to any contagious disease. Leftists’ biggest fear, that the nation might be returning to normality just in time for the November election, were relieved. With George Floyd’s fate disappearing into the dust and smoke of looted and burning cities, leftists could now climb on to their phony “moral high ground” with almost unassailable clout.

Citing one contrived example after another, they decried “white privilege” and “systemic racism,” insisting that every vestige of American history be erased and replaced with leftist dogma and leftist icons. George Washington and Christopher Columbus were verboten, but Karl Marx remained. Somehow, violent assaults, vandalism, arson, and the destruction of small urban businesses (many of which were black owned), became a worthy tribute to George Floyd and all those other victims of a universally discredited white America.

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10 Thoughts to “So what new ‘crisis’ are they planning?”

  1. Paul Christiansen

    Don’t forget about the fake Impeachment hearings.


    China and the Democrat party are not your friends

  3. Joe Conforti

    That is total bullshit. The virus hasn’t subsided. Its raging in 39 states, out of control in 6 states with record cases and after a while we will have record deaths.Deaths have already Texas and Florida , with hospitals well over capacity. These are the real facts, from the CDC Trumps own people, Joh Hopkins University, and all the experts countrywide. Your info comes.from denial and ignorance from Washington. Simple , stop the virus . All these states are closing and regressing again and that’s a fact. No business, people out of work is what kills the economy, not stupid politicians.


    It has previously been stated, “In order to kill a snake, you must cut off its head.” Categorically, identify the leader(s) of the insurrection, locate them, prosecute them under the applicable laws, and show the public that the rule of law still works. What’s the Nike slogan, Just Do It!

  5. Toni

    I think 134,000 is a significant amount of deaths. Holding rallies in spite of scientific evidence, the open racism that is promoted by your candidate, & the world is laughing at the U.S.A.

    How can you honestly call yourselves patriots? Your candidate has incited protests, riots, & lynchings! Do you even know that a high school football player was lynched?

    Please unsubscribe me from your hate filled propaganda.

  6. mbr722

    If people cannot see what the democrat’s plan is for this country then shame on them. I and my fellow Americans should not be penalized for their folly. Wake up and smell the roses. At least you can understand what that means! Who in heaven’s name wants to be “woke” whatever that means.

  7. BobB

    You said it all.

  8. Paul Fishman

    The Arch Enemies of America are the Democrat Party, The leftist fake news and their left wing mobs coming out of leftist decadent criminals colleges. They all want our genocidal death and destruction sooner or later.

  9. james Motes

    It’s no good trying to prosecute anyone in Government for their lies and corruption. Everyone on the list gets off Scott free, even when it’s evident they committed crimes and lied to the public. Hillary got off, Shiff got off, Comey got off. It’s a shame nobody is held accountable.

  10. Dennis Ambrose

    I agree with every thing you have pointed out

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