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    He has NOTHING to offer! . . . why run for POTUS now? If he can’t see what POTUS Trump has done for the people of color, then he is BLIND as well. He is NOT POTUS Material, and I WON’T vote for him. he’s DEVISIVE, and we DON’T need that. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

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    John Strom

    He said he was running in 2024 you fools. Can ANYONE read? He SUPPORTS President Trump.

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    I hope Kanye helps Trump. I feel Kim is a little ungrateful towards Trump. She likes to take the credit for everything. Without Trump she wouldn’t have gotten the reform. She took all the credit for herself without acknowledging his cooperation. Obama did nothing for any black person in jail. But in the end I hope he helps Trump. I’ve always didn’t like Kanye because of the Taylor Swift thing and just respected him because of his support for Trump. Taylor on the other hand complained about Soros stealing her life’s work yet supports the democrats. That makes her a hypocrite. But for Kanye I just think this is another publicity stunt. You know those kardashian’s always need to stay relevant and Kanye does need his ego stroked too. Perfect match. But hope he puts his red hat back on. He’s not dumb and can see what the evil democrats are doing and knows Trump supports God.

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