What Did Trump’s Letter to Biden Say?

Joe Biden And Donald Trump

Donald Trump continued the tradition of the outgoing President leaving a letter in the White House for his successor. President Joe Biden says that the letter Trump left for him was “very generous.” However, he would not release the contents of the letter until he spoke with Trump.

Biden was sworn in on January 20 as the 46th president of the United States. On his first day as President, he signed 17 executive orders. Many of them undid Trump’s orders, including rejoining the Paris climate accord and the World Health Organization.

“The president wrote a very generous letter,” Biden told reporters on Wednesday. “Because it was private, I will not talk about it until I talk to him, but it was generous.”

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10 Thoughts to “What Did Trump’s Letter to Biden Say?”

  1. It is good to know that even the most egregious of people — during a moment of reckoning -may have a notion of decorum left — when compared to their otherwise less-than-stellar past.

    then again, just maybe, the letter was not just put there but also authored by a staffer!

    We shall know! E.g. if he can harness his impulses!

  2. Martha Taylor

    God Bless President Trump. He will ALWAYS be our President. No other President did more for the American people , while being persecuted everyday my main stream media and many
    His record of accomplishments will stand forever !

  3. Ellen Hesselink

    His letter said “I apologize for calling you ‘sleepy joe’ — you are wide awake by working to make our world a better place and for that you have my undying gratitude.”

  4. Led

    I ha, still a hater. You’re blinded by your hate but you will soon see clearly what hate will bring you. God bless you

  5. Democratic Party is destroying the Union States of America. More control and less freedom. Watch carefully!
    The truth is a lie now and a lie is the truth.
    Media is lying, Democratics are lying…
    Look at all the things Biden has changed
    to kill jobs in USA and Canada in his first
    48 hours! Democratic are for death to America! You will see and someday wish
    the truth was revealed on how America was
    sold out to a losing agenda.

  6. RLShowers

    God bless President Trump, he is a good kind hearted man that many don’t take the time to see. Yes, he stood his ground and fought back when he was attacked by the liberals and their nasty media, but he was much nicer to the hateful left then I ever would have been the way he was attacked and lied about each and every day for four years, and they are still attacking him with lies over this fraudulent impeachment once again. He will always be the best President I’ve ever had in my 60 years, he did more for our country then any other, even though the democrats don’t want to admit it. I pray he continues to stick around.

  7. John

    I’m sure biden is having someone rewrite the letter to make Trump look bad. He isn’t doing it himself because he waiting for dr. jill to proof read it for punctuation and spelling as soon as she finds someone smart enough to do it. What a load of bs.

  8. Nobody cares about trump or his stoopid letter . He will, however, get spit roasted very soon don’t you red hats worry!!!

  9. Seymour Butthead:
    We, the American People still love President Trump. He did his best to do everything possible for America and the American people. Your little Pinocchio (you know that nose grows, too) has done what his Geppetto (Obama) has told him to do. Maybe Geppetto needs to be impeached too. Your little Nancy needs a “slug in her head” for all the bullshit she has tried to do to make life rough for My President Trump. She started this before Trump was the POTUS. You liberals are so radical, I hope when Trump is back in office, that he can repair all the damage that you liberals, BLM, antifa have and will caused can be repaired. Maybe by then Fat belly Nancy, Chuckie and the foreigners will all be gone.

  10. Monk

    What school did you attend, Mr. Butts. You need to get your money back. I hear that you are the new spokeperson for the Democratic Party. They are more interested in butts and backsides than the American people. How many have you kissed this week? Uncle Joey may have to get his wife to read his letters to him, but the dogs are tired of tripping him up. he does that by himself with the assistance of Schumer and Pelosi. Remember, whatever Uncle Joey says you do, you do. Have a nice Valentine Day.

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