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    Paul Austin

    The one thing that the average Brit can spot from a mile away (No, not a kilometre!) is a bullish-tter – make no mistake.
    They all know that, like him or not (very much was the feeling on Thatcher) Nigel Farage has been ABSOLUTELY CONSISTENT in his basic political approach for TWENTY-FIVE years.
    A certain percentage view Boris as a bit of a comic.
    NOT the case with Nigel Farage.
    They all know he is deadly serious – and without doubt a true Brit.
    There are distinctly few of his ilk around these days.
    I have a sneaking suspicion that if Boris makes a single error it will herald his downfall, and Nigel has already made his position perfectly clear. NO SUBMISSION – which of course is his mainly, slightly disguised, view of Islam and Muslims. NOT WRONG – IS HE?

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    I think we should leave the EU it has done nothing for us, Germany runs the show like a dictator. The other thing that should be done is export all Muslims back to their countries. This business of having NO GO zones in the British Empire is totally ludicrous. And the Muslims don’t care that they’ve overrun London. Get them out. Preserve our history and culture.!!

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