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    I am for private surveillance cameras with no ability for the government to monitor them. Facial recognition software is already here, and it can be good, or it can be used for evil. If you do not want to be identified, you will soon have to wear anti photo masks/suits. The other side of that is you can be identified by that option. Some people will decide to run an in home business, and seldom go out.

    Of course, if the technology will be used to the detriment of good citizens. Laws will be made by elites to control l people they do not agree with.

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    Craig Michael Vandertie

    Huwei needs to be kept off United States soil and should be categorized as a world espionage organization.

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    Craig Michael Vandertie

    Sorry Fred but the elites are already infringing on our freedom of expression which is the most accurate term by which the vast majority communicate via the Internet such as we are doing now laws need to be drafted, passed, and enacted to prevent the elite from performing tyrannical acts over the vast majority and that will not happen until you make it clear to those elitist establishment politicians that they are the servants and not the masters and the only way to do that is ending establishment politicians through term limits, reverse the current term length 4 terms for senators each term running 2 years, 2 terms Representatives each running 4 years.

    A United States Senator can do far more damage to our government and harm to the people in 2 years than any United States Representative could possibly do.

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    Dave Bishop

    Time and again I have seen the direction we are going and it’s the way of the Chinese gummint and one day America will follow. Especially if one of the present Dem’s gets elected. But people bought into B.O.’s bull and the Indonesian Candidate was able to get evil people into the inner circle and brought an evil religion in which is controlling what children are studying in history. Christianity is downplayed and Islam gets a buildup. Americans will, one day, vote for another who will betray his office and the Constitution. Alas, Babylon!

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    CPO Bill

    Orwell was Right.

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