Assault on America, Day 498: Childish Grampa Joe losing substance battle with President Trump | Patriots 4 Truth

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    Of Course, Nobody Ever Called CRAZy donald & D for DUMB trump CHILDISH When Other Words Fit Better, Words Like INSANE IDIOT, CONCEITED, STUPID, SICKO, PISS ASS PIG, & Finally, The Words, M-FUCKING MORON!

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    Don’t even try to compare Trump to Biden. Trump is an idiot. He does not know what he is doing. He does not work for the people; all he worries about is his self and being re-elected.

    Biden is honest, and has experience, i.e. of the white house because of being the Vice President. I will vote for Biden and will tell all my family and friends. However, I personally would vote for a puppy if that was all that was available except Trump. I pray every day that Trump would resign, apparently he will not. But, I do not believe he will win the re-election.

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    Sid Stringer

    I’m afraid Ol’e Joe hasen’t got what it takes to be an effective leader. It’s obvious if he was to become President; he would be just a figure head controlled by a puppet master.

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    N A

    Grandpa PERVERT Joe Biden needs to give it ALL up and have Dr. Jill Biden Admit joe BOY 👦

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    Childish “pearls of wisdom?!? . . . you cannot accuse Senile Joe Biden of that! He’s a ridiculous GAFFE MACHINE, nothing more, representing the TREASONISTIN Left Leaning Democrats. One VERY WARY Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

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    Greg Levan

    If Joe Biden’s main campaign strategy is name-calling, it will last about five minutes. A presidential candidate has to have a comprehensive list of things he/she is for and against and his/her plans to solve the current perceived problems. Everybody knows the candidate who is elected can never keep every promise, but that is the sales pitch and the reason to support and vote for the candidate. This does not change and will be true in 2020.

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    Tish Geer

    Joe Biden is senile with either dementia or beginnings of Alzheimer’s. I am an RN and it is quite obvious! It is truly sad, humanly speaking, to even see or hear him speak. It is completely embarrassing and if Dr Jill cared about him she would demand he stop this run for the white house. I guess she plans on running the country if elected? But she cannot speak for him! At this point is the strategy to get a great VP in place and then declare sleepy Joe incompetent?? It is ridiculous he is even attempting to run in his mental state and it is unfair to the democratic process and the American people.

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