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    I totally agree, our country needs a revival. I also believe that real soon we will have plenty of soon to be vacant arenas/stadiums to gather & worship Jesus Christ instead of wasting time & money that pays a bunch of jocks to demonstrate their stupidity. I mean really ! I truly wish that more people would study up on Marxism, Communism, the origins of social justice, just to name a few topics.

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    Relativism is certainly not new but has been a major thorn in society for centuries. We all would not want a world where everyone thought the same, dressed the same and thought the same ways. That would without a doubt be a very boring world. There has to be differing opinions in all matters of life.
    The rub is where your standards do not appeal to me nor mine to you…well…we’re right back to relativism aren’t we?
    We have been blessed with a Savior in Jesus Christ and he taught us during his short years on this earth what values we should possess in order to live our lives. His message was not one of clauses and sub-clauses that get into convoluted legalese but simply…”Love thy neighbor”.
    It is very hard to follow this rule when we have folks of a mindset that want to deny us our right to believe in God and go to church. They want to pick what we should eat, tell us what we are doing wrong and select the representatives we have in our government. They want to measure us by their yardsticks that score by either a monetary value or educational one. We see their condescension and smugness and they see themselves as our intellectual superiors. I personally think they take this worldview because they cannot comprehend creation and a loving God. Their world has to be proven by empirical evidence or else it is not valid. Belief cannot be by faith but rather by tangible evidence.
    I have gone to the trouble of studying in-depth Charles Darwin and his inspirations before him. I am aware he considered the clergy as a career but got distracted by his professor friend. Darwin’s theories are now taught as fact in schools despite the real fact that they are simply his musings…even he had doubts about his theory….especially just before his death. His wife told his children,,,”your father might not have believed in God but God believed in him.”
    I guess what I’d like to say in closing is…what harm is it to believe in a loving creator?
    If it is so offensive to some, why would they not just have no part of it and allow others to believe without resistance? What possible benefit is it to the non-believer that he/she would encourage a believer to abandon his faith and belief?

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    Sorry America but we must go back to the Old Testament!

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    Mary Blood

    Thank you, Lord, that You still have your all-seeing eye upon America. We are in a man-made mess. Only You can save us.

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    Mary Torrence

    I am so glad to be hearing this. I was wondering what on earth is wrong with our Priests, ministers, fathers of faith that they would allow their church doors to be closed EVER. I personally tell anyone within earshot exactly this. This country began running from what is happening today in America. They decided to write THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. I BELIEVE. Strongly that we should REINSTATE THE ORIGINAL CONSTITUTION. I KNOW. That sounds easy it would be hard the original Constitution was what made us strong as a Nation, proud that we fought for our freedoms together. It worked right up until we stared allowing amendments to the Constitution in. So go back to original.

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