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    William Ray Schonauer

    I fail to understand why no one confronts Harris when she calls herself a Black woman. Her mother is from India, her father from Jamacia!!!!! Just like Eliz Warren being part American Indian and getting away with it.

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    If Biden/Harris gets in MY AMERICA & lifestyle will be unrecognizable & forever changed… very sad thinking that but reality check! You don’t HAVE to love Trump but recognize his LOVE OF COUNTRY, & sacrifices to procure a better life for ALL its citizens. God Bless President Trump & God Bless America.

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    The only person Harris cares about is Harris. Just look at her history. And since history is a good predictor of the future, if Biden wins, then, when Harris takes over from Biden when he becomes incapacitated, you’ll know what a Harris presidency we be like.

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    Harris was embarrassing. She tries so hard to be hip and laughs at inappropriate moments. You know what is laughable that she says she wouldn’t have joined the ticket if she didn’t support Joe. In the debate when she ran for VP, didn’t she infer/call him a racist? She has no pride, just blind ambition. Funny how in her book she never once mentions Willie Brown who she slept with while he was married, and he elevated her to high positions (literally & figuritavely)! Where would she be now if she hadn’t?

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    President Trump is working on a health care program to keep preexisting conditions.
    It is in the works. Too bad some people throw up these negative barbs.
    Ms. Harris did promote Medicare-for-all during the campaigns. Maybe she forgot.
    Or when faced with the question, backs off and changes the subject. A real red blood

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    J A M

    K H seems to post her quick tales as fast as tho she prepared for these questions…. There is no question that she will be the voice of the administration should JB and she pull it off

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    Kamala is just an air headed tramp.

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    Kamala,,,,Kamala Kamala we true Americans don’t buy that…we know and I have known for a long time ,if and if is a big word the demo rat plan is drop old Joe and put you in as president. What a shame for women and a shame for all mankind . . This country needs a God believing person and that leaves you out.

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    Sometimes it’s hard to say who is right but if both parties would come together and stop all this BS and think about we the people then this country could be the greatest nation in the world! I believe in health care for all! I believe if you talk care of Gods children they will be better adults! It’s time we grow as a nation and stand as one nation under God!

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    I agree with Sally and everyone else, you don’t have to like President Trump, but you have to like what he is doing for our country, He loves our Country and he does everything thinking and knowing it is good for our country

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    This set up election is just another way for China to tskevover our country. Obama Biden presidency was fraud. Sarah Palin had more people at her rallies than McCain. MCcain cancled his rallies and joined her.
    The Harris Biden campaign was set up years ago. Check Harris’s DA,AG, senator? What has she accomplished? Obama’s agenda including Biden, Brown and Harris, Sanctuary City and states, releases illegal criminals and gangs, defunded Law Enforcemen and indoctration of our schools.
    Squads in government doesn’t want our constitutional laws. They want Muslim laws.
    Harris DA, Muslim prayers in San Diego public schools and now all public schools in CALIFORNIA.
    Lots of plants owned by China in USA. Smithfield and Tyson. Chinese owned plants buying meat from foreign countries thats contaminated.
    We don’t want to live under China’s Federation Military Communism

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    She’s using the race card, just like obomma. She’s NOT black- she’s Indian/Jamaican. A Lie-beral DEMONocrat demon can’t be honest about anything !

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    Harris is no better than Hillary. She’s going to shove Biden out and she and her buddy Obama will ruin America. That has always been Obama’s agenda from the start. He’s not even an American,wasn’t ever proven, not even with his phony birth certificate. Alexis

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    Harris is a crook she’s no better than Hillary she and Obama will ruin this country that’s always been Obama’s agenda he’s never ever done anything for this country but try to ruin it he’s not even an American providing a phony birth certificate whatever Obama needs to go back to his country and Harris needs to own up to the fact that she’s not black she’s Indian Jamaican so she needs to be smarter than what she thinks she is or at least get a brain

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    Why are you asking me to put a comment in when you’re not even posting it what are you a liberal

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    Harris will shove Biden out and then she and Obama will ruin the American people. That’s always been Obama’s agenda. She Indian and Jamaican, not black. Obama has never provided a legal birth certificate. I can only imagine the damage that will be done when Hattis nominates Obama to the Supreme court.

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