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    It’s so easy to fact check this senile imbecile that it’s now becoming more of a comedy show than a campaign to win the presidential election. Since Biden is nothing more than a professional liar, it’s doubtful he can tell the difference between truth and lies.

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    he can’t even begin to keep up with his lies. A vote for the Biden/Harris regime is a vote to destroy the U.S.A.

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    Alex Czeranko

    Another example of how Joe Biden is NOT mentally capable to handle the Presidency. Another example of politician Joe who will say one thing to get votes from one part of the voting population and say something else to another voting population to get their votes. He has done this for 47 years.
    Let us hope the American People will see this and vote for President Trump on November 3rd

    TRUMP 2020

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    Lying Scumbag Commie Pig. No one believes you Moron!! Your Crackhead son and the rest of your family are corrupt anti AMERICA POS SCUMBAGS!! ALL OF YOU DESERVE A FIRING SQUAD FOR TREASON!!! EAT LEAD SCUMBAGS!!!

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    I have stated this for three years.
    Joe will die in office before 6 months has elapsed. He will be replaced by Harris and Pelosi will assume Harris V.P. duties. However, behind the scenes ,at first , Barack and Bill will “pull the strings , aided by Soros. The Marionettes of course being Harris/Pelosi. Then Soros will take command and Barack as second in command . Hilary will be relegated to the “Peanut Gallery” with Harris and Pelosi . Hunter will be missing in action [ dead] . Shiff and Nagle will assume Speaker of the House and Secretary of State in that order. Then it gets real ugly. Civil War erupts and martial law takes over.
    The Bill of Rights and the Constitution will be torn up and communism will reign . If Biden doesn’t like America now, what will he think AFTER he destroys it?
    Patriots ! Show no mercy . Give no quarter . Leave NO “lefties” alive.

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