The Mysterious Death of an Obama Era Whistleblower!

What do you think of the shocking news of the mysterious death of an Obama era whistleblower? What’s that? You haven’t heard anything about this? That is not surprising, being that the mainstream media has been characteristically silent about the apparent “suicide” of Philip Haney.

Haney was a whistleblower against the Obama administration. He was found dead on February 21 with a single gunshot wound, near a California highway. Investigators have said the scene appeared to look like a suicide.

However, in an interview last week, Haney’s pastor suggested his death might have been a murder rather than a suicide.

“No I do not believe he was suicidal, I do not believe that,” said Pastor Grey Young. “…You have a man that was planning to get married, a man who was very devout in his Christian faith, a man who had a lot of incredible projects in the works.”

Young went on to recount his last conversation with Haney before his death, which led him to believe Haney was excited about his future.

“Our last message together basically was ‘hey. I can’t wait to share with you this incredible thing that’s happened’ and he was very excited about it,” he stated.

Young believed Haney’s excitement was over his forthcoming his book entitled, “See Something, Say Nothing — A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the Government’s Submission to Jihad.”

The book was set up as an interview about Haney’s experience working for the Department of Homeland Security and allegedly preventing hundreds of potential terrorist threats. More importantly, the book details Haney’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee in which he claimed federal law enforcement showed “willful blindness” to Islamic attacks in America.

Days after Haney’s death, the Amador County Sheriff’s Office announced the case will likely be a lengthy investigation.

“The individual assessment by the deputies arriving on the scene and their supervisor is the start of the investigation, it is not the end,” stated county Coroner Martin Ryan. “And we have not made any conclusions as to the cause and manner of death.”

For now, details about the investigation into Haney’s death are limited, but the FBI is working with local authorities to determine an official cause of death.

This is a developing story. Watch these pages for more details as they emerge

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8 Thoughts to “The Mysterious Death of an Obama Era Whistleblower!”

  1. Frank Romo

    Oh great the FBI, is investigating this case. The same group who investigated the missing women in Yosemite and had Carie Staynor retrieve the blankets from the women’s rented motel room. Oh, Staynor, was later found to be the killer of those three women, found
    |in their burned vehicle. Nothing to see here folks, keep moving….

  2. Obama must be taking lessons from the Clinton crime family!! Sounds like arkanside to me!!!

  3. Until we put hrc and bho out of America’s misery, these suicide by murder deaths will continue on. People with dirt on the crooked and devious Left should not make known what information they have. Only after they testify (behind closed doors) and the Left is found guilty, should the entire case be brought to the public

  4. Cindy Ruggles

    The fbi? They are owned by the obamas and the Clintons Haneys murder will never be solved . With Obama Clinton And FBI the whole swamp of Corruption so sad really for the honest hard working American people who lived their life obeying the laws and abiding by the common good and the foundation they built it on with blood sweat and tears is turning to sand in an hour glass what a sad sad time for The United States of America

  5. Well, I would say suicide is out. The Obama “Whistleblower” had no chance for a future. Any info on Obama means that not far behind his info is info about Bill & Hillary, down south and in Washington and Beyond. Well, as I read, Hillary has had many people mysteriously end up dead with no results to the case. Soooooo… Maybe she lent her squad to take care of this “Whistleblower” as a favor to her friend. Mr. Haney was doing the right thing by letting someone know about some injustice, a wrong, etc. etc. Mr. Haney, thank you for your Courage. You are an example to others. Gog Bless You! I understand your courage & Faith, I am trying to Expose people in City Government & I pray that it will make a difference for the citizens of the city & state. You are in a Holy Place. It has been a long struggle(3 years) Please pray for me. Thank You! God Bless

  6. Obuma probably Hired one of the Clinton Cartel Hit Men !!!!!

  7. well its bound to be a cover up by the FBI like the $250 million that went missing from the Clinton foundation from bill gates that barr said don’t investigate

  8. In 2009 Obama thought whistle blowers were a good source of information–In 2011, he felt differently and actually prosecuted whistle blowers.

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