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    Geoff obici

    I hope Harrison Ford doesn’t fall into the Hollywood asshole group that thinks because they make movies, they Can start talking trash about political issues. He has always been one of my favorite actors, but Hollywood is full of flakes and fakes who like to preach about climate change and other hot issues, while they fly jets all around the world. Politics has always been divisive, and will continue to be, no matter who is in office. Stick with making movies and stay away from politics – and stand clear of late night clowns like jimmy Kimmel who likes to express his political views which are akin to trash.

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    SAD! Always like Ford. No More! Seems he has joined the ranks of the deranged. Good luck with his new movie. I’ll save my money and pass!

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    All we need is another “Idiot Globalist” that knows better how we should live.This clown can’t even fly an airplane; I have no desire to watch him try to fly and ultimately crash our country. Stick to acting. The primary reason for failure is to quit doing what you do best. Ford, we don’t need or want you.

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    Climate change is not man made. It is nature doing what it always does and always will. Changing! How else do we explain the ice age which came after the earth was warm and then warmed again when the glaciers retreated? What did man do to make these changes? By asking this I am said to be a climate denier. Name calling by the left will not change anything. Actors that are paid to repeat written scripts are no more knowledgeable on the climate than I I will not support Hollywood and its leftist views. I want clean air and water. Please don’t litter nor waste our resources

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    Gary Edwards

    The words, “move to a middle ground” always means compromise from right to left and once that’s achieved, the call for a move to the middle ground is again brought up and repeated over and over until the original position the left wanted has been achieved.
    There is no middle ground. Never has been. It’s a myth. When conservatives hold their ground they are portrayed as being unreasonable.

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    The “late”Harrison Ford will be fondly remembered, but who’s the replicant replacement, FCS?

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    I used to be a Harrison Ford fan. Well, he put an end to that!

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    This guy is a perfect Democratic candidate for anything because he ha accomplished their #1 requirement – he is a drunk.

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    Craig Michael Vandertie

    I think the Millenium Falcon was leaking vapors of some kind into the cockpit and seriously damaged Harrison’s brain.

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    Craig Michael Vandertie

    Harrison has been inhaling toxic vapors from the Millenium Falcon.

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    P Lightfoot

    Ford stay in hollywierd keep on acting we the people are smarter than you and all your buds in Californacation maybe you should try to fix California first and not try to tell us how to live and what we need we know what we need TRUMP 2020 2024 and more like him

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    Rose P

    If Harrison Ford ever ran he would end up dead last, who needs a flaming, big mouth jerk like him??? NOT NE!! We have more than enough hate filled Democrats already

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