Bloomberg Stumbled During First Democratic Debate | Patriots 4 Truth

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    I watched the debate, I don’t know how else Bloomberg could have responded to the attacks, I think he did all he could. I’m not saying that he’s defensible for his treatment of women however. The take I came away with was that he’s more intelligent than all of the other candidates put together. But I wouldn’t vote for him, his policies would all be bad for America, Trump is the best candidate by far.

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    David J

    I’m not liberal at all, but I’d rather have Bloomberg, except for his unacceptable Second Amendment hypocrisy, than Warren, the Career Fraud, And Amy Klobachar with the permanent sneer on her face! Bloomberg can’t win. Warren and Klobachar must not win or we are in deep trouble!

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    I’m ashamed that our President is tweeting like a 3rd grader. lets elect a grown-up.

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