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    Are you nuts? Liberal democrats outta yo minds delusional?
    Hillary is still walking ?
    Biden sold access to our presidency!
    Get a grip K?

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    They shouldn’t receive any jail time. They are the ones that unfortunately got caught. Did anyone investigate any others that got away with it? This is just the way this country runs. Everyone rich, politicians, policeman and government officials(Donald Trump) are corrupt in one way or another and pays their way out of trouble , except if you’re black or brown.

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    Liberals get little or no time cause they are looked at as being the special people. They cheated and got caught so a just punishment would be fair. I’m just curious how much time the Obama gang will get when all the truth comes to the surfaces. Stop the double standards and give them sentences that fit their crimes.

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    This was a sham the prosecutor was caught with holding evidence this was never a fair trial. I would have been satisfied if the judge had thrown the whole case out. This case sets a terrible precedent the prosecutor committed a crime and should be facing charges. The moment you let the prosecutor violate the rules of conduct and the rights of a defendant you are setting up citizens to be found guilty of something they did not do. Our system is suppose to be we would rather let a guilty man go free than see and innocent man go to jail. It’s bad enough that these prosecutors already have a tough reign on the poor with their plea deals they tell someone with out money for a good lawyer. You plead guilty and I will give you 1 to 3 years if you take this to trial I am giving you 10 years. Innocent people so scared of getting 10 years have plead guilty. Now we have the prosecutor not turning over evidence which is required by law and coaching a witness not coaching really but trying to get them to change their story. In this case the man who was in charge of the bribes said the prosecutors wanted him to change his words and say his statement different from the facts that is called lying. You add these two things up and yes we need major prison reform but we also need major court reform. Right now its now a fair system their are two different sets of rules this was a case they thought would make the public think they treat celebrities the same what a joke. In New York Alec Baldwin was arrested for his 7th 8th ?? I lost track of how many assault and batteries this guys has. I know he is the only one with that many never to go to jail. The prosecutor plead his case down why ? A prosecutor pleads a case down for one of two reasons one it is a young offender who shows a lot of remorse and they give him a break. The other reason is they are not sure they can win the case on the evidence. Alec is certainly not a young offender with promise he is the opposite a repeat offender. They had video of the whole thing from a security camera this was and open and shut case. You would have expected the judge to say we have given you break after break and you insult the court by doing the same thing again. Lets see if some time in prison will teach you to keep your hands to yourself and learn you do not have the right to assault anyone. Instead they plead him down to disturbing the peace and a $500 dollar fine. Now imagine the person arrested was a Trump supporter oh he is going to jail. Worse yet imagine a black man arrested for the same charge what are the odds of him walking scott free !? The next time the democrats tell you they are for minorities and that the law is fair check out what happens to a celebrity who is a known democratic supporters and donor you will find they walk every time. The system is broke and we the people must stand up and demand it to be fixed. China has 2 billion people in it we have a little over 400 million yet we have more people in prison than communist dictatorship !

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    Ken Curran

    slap on the wrist. Make them scrub showers at the school so they show their repentance to the students .

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    I believe they should get at least a year..for falsely delaying the process!

    I know she was hoping for a JURY trial…as most fans would NOT convict the
    Heroin of so many Hallmark movies…etc.

    I think they should both do extra charitable work after prison and have to pay far more than they are…..just as a payback for all their delaying!

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    Probably NONE! Money talks and the large sum which they were fined is pocket money to multi- millionaires!

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    Old Priest

    This is Hollywood Bull S..T! Just because they have money they think they’re better than anyone else. What about the poor kids who couldn’t into USC, Georgetown, and other Ivy League schools on various teams, that the Hollywood kids are even qualified for? They don’t get to go to college because their parents can’t pay their way and depend on the few scholarship for sports, but no, the Hollywood kids are on the team, but don’t have to do anything. All because Mommy and Daddy are rich these Hollywood kids don’t have to do anything and are unqualified and don’t meet school requirements. Mommy and Daddy, and the kids, should all be sent to prison for a period of 2 or more year, 5 years supervised probation, and very large fines. They should be sent to federal prisons, NOT federal country clubs to serve soft time.

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    Kay Brown

    I think this whole situation stinks to high heaven. Lori McLoughlin is guilty of no more than poor judgment and not teaching better morals to her children. She and her husband are no more guilty than hundreds of other wealthy parents seeking the best conditions for their children. Mostly, people are hating on them because they are wealthy. This whole scenario has seemingly destroyed McLoughlins career. I personally really enjoyed watching Garage Sale Mysteries and When Calls the Heart. The bribing of officials to get their children into elite schools happens with a lot of parents. It may be more favors than big money bribes but it still happens. Why call Lori and her husband out when there are much worse situations to be looked at. Bill and Hillary Clinton quickly come to mind at the top of the list. It shouldn’t take much looking to find valid reasons to put them in prison for life or maybe a death sentence.

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    AND just what will those at USC get???

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