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    Silver Fox

    Sounds like conspiracy to commit sedition and treason. Follow the money- Clintons and Soros!😡

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    Richard wolske

    What a bunch of bull shit ! The IG needs to be sent packing ! All those that handled the work on the FISA application need to be prosecuted and some need to be fired . Trump should sue those that purposely defamed him . No security clearances and no retirement. Prison is to good , there are some in high places that need to be found and jailed also ! OUR COUNTRY IS NOT UP FOR GRABS! VOTING FOR EVERY REPUBLICAN THATS NOT GOT HIS HEAD UP HIS ASS!

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    Political speak for we know they are guilty we just haven’t all the evidence yet.

  4. 4

    william g munson

    It was all preplanned Period and they had intent too and knew it was all a Hoax too

  5. 5


    The FISA and FBI didn’t make “sloppy mistakes” . . . They made a COORDINATED effort to illegally OUST POTUS Trump out of office which are CRIMES against the POTUS and the American People, SEDITION and TREASON, which SHOULD result in WELL DESERVED prison sentences. SEVENTEEN “mistakes” are STATISTICALLY impossible except from the “greenest of NEWBEES” without supervision. TEAM Trump and his allies 2020.

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    Craig Northacker

    It is clear what they were up to when taken as a whole. Only a complete idiot would miss that. I have done many forensic investigations – this whole sordid process make our DOJ an incredible orifice. This leadership is a slap in the face to the rest of the workers; but why did they not stand up? Each person involved – from Obama on down, needs to go through the same grueling process they put President Trump through. What comes around, goes around.

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    Craig Michael Vandertie

    Not errors they blatantly lied to the FISA court judges worst of all the lies were too obvious for any rational person to ever have taken the details of the FBI report evidence of any potential criminal acts.

    Criminal and treasonous FBI agents and criminal and treasonous Activist/Legislating FISA judges end of discussion.

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    Richard McKnight

    In the final analysis, the people interviewed, lied to cover up their political bias. This includes Comey. Durham will uncover the real truth. That is why Democrats are calling for him to be taken down. They know what he will find and it is not positive for the FBI or the Democratic party.

  9. 9

    John Strom

    Those were NOT mistake that the FISA court and FBI made but INTENTIONAL acts. Don’t gloss them over as mistakes. This was a coup d’etat and nothing short. People put in place by Barack Obama, and WITH his knowledge and consent, attempted to destroy the Trump presidency. ALL, including Obama, need to go to prison – for life – for this attempted coup.

    We also need to break up these agencies and fire EVERYONE who was involved and didn’t report it.

  10. 10


    They could cut to the chase with all this BS of investigations and interviews and the rest of the crap going on listening to liars, and just hang all of them.
    They are all guilty, whether Trump is in office or not. THEY are the swamp, and if Trump didn’t get elected it would just keep getting worse. It appears that the peak of all this wrong doing, unethical, immoral activities occured because of Obama, He should be the first to go down, the prick feels like he’s entitled because he’s partly black. Well the law applies to ALL equally, they keep telling me (Pelosi, one of those that needs to hang along with her son (Ukraine)).
    What a world we live in, it’s very sad. America used to be a great place, and simply deteriorated under Obama, sending America down the rabbit hole of darkness with his bullsh(t.

  11. 11


    Patriots 4 truth monitors these comments, and deleted mine. Thank you

  12. 12


    They’re all a bunch of lying bast#$ds. If it were you or me we’d be hung by the gonads and everyone who’s go half a brain knows it. Fry these bast#$ds.

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    David in MA

    The fact there were so many “mistakes” would convince me, )( poor underling), that the intent is undeniable, one or two, maybe, but so many. Nope, the intent to deceive is very apparent. All these investigations and reports look to me to have a large dose of “professional curtesy” in them. Ya, something illegal occurred but lets overlook it for some day the investigation may be on the other side…. BS!

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    if you believe anything can happen to any of them people I got a bridge and looking to sell because nothing will ever to them

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