The sanctuary county of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina is currently on course to let 1,000 criminal illegal immigrants into the interior of the U.S. after its officials ended cooperation with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency.

Figures from the federal government have revealed that each year until Fiscal Year of 2019, Mecklenburg County would hand over to ICE between 1,000 to 1,300 illegal immigrants with criminal convictions or pending charges against them.

Last December, however, Mecklenburg County Sheriff Garry McFadden put an end to all of that, tearing up the county’s agreement with ICE, making the county into a sanctuary jurisdiction that actively prevents criminal illegal immigrants from being repatriated back to their homelands.

Unfortunately, the county’s new policy means that roughly 1,000 criminal illegal immigrants are expected be released sometime this year. 300 illegal immigrants who would have be removed from the country by ICE will more than likely stay in the country instead.

“Sanctuary cities and counties around the country are acting as illegal incubators for criminal alien activity, harboring dangerous offenders and often releasing them back to the streets,” one federal official told journalists from Breitbart News.

“The egregious practice of local police ignoring our laws and obstructing the federal law enforcement mission of safety and security should have no place in North Carolina or anywhere else,” the official added.

Among those recently released from the county’s custody are illegal immigrants who’ve been charged with raping children and heroin trafficking, federal immigrations have revealed. Other convictions of illegal immigrants who’ve been released into the country’s interior include drunk driving, assault, possession of drugs, and larceny.

39 thoughts on “Sanctuary county on course to release 1,000 criminal illegal immigrants”
  1. Your public officials that do that should be arrested for aiding and abetting Criminals….start arresting these people and I bet this stupidity will stop.

  2. All federal money should be taken away from these people. The total up keep of these people should be on the County shoulders . WE as tax payers More then pay enough for our own well being and probably to much to Mecklenburg County Sheriff Garry McFadden. He belongs in jail. Wy doesn’t he move to Mexico .

  3. This sounds like a wonderful idea IF: these illegal immigrants should be housed with the sheriff who tore up the agreement with ICE, ALL politicians who voted for or are in favor of this policy change (no matter what party they belong to) and ANY liberal judges known for light sentences. Perhaps these individuals would then consider their oath to protect citizens and uphold the laws of the USA.

  4. the officials of Mecklenburg ,esp.the Sheriff Garry Mc Fadden should be put in jail !!! Releasing Illegal criminals who will commit further crimes against law-abiding Americans is unbelevable by those who are suppose to protect those who pay their salaries.

  5. Maybe we need a fence around these “ sanctuary “ towns,cities,counties, and states. I will bet that they won’t be releasing so many then if they know that they would be living amongst them. I would even bet that these sanctuary communities would bring back capital punishment rather quickly.

  6. Time’s running out. Flat Rate 2 save 117th
    Left or Right don’t matter. Poor people MUST run for every election to increase our political DNA. Your patriotic passion to stand and represent your neighborhood on local, state and federal governance.
    I’m just a sick old man writing poetry
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  7. this sheriff should be in jail PERIOD what the hell is wrong with these people good god i hope and pray none of these criminals that this town is letting free does not,,commit more crimes

  8. That Sheriff violated his solemn oath of office, abused his position of power, and is endangering the Heath and safety of legal American citizens. He must be removed forthwith and held accountable for e wry crime perpetrated by the released illegals against our legal citizens. Get rid of this traitor before many of our young die!!!

  9. Disgusting. This sheriff should be held accountable legally accountable (aiding and abetting) for any criminal activity committed By these illegal alien criminals from this point forward….regardless of where in the U.S. the crimes take place.

  10. This is a crime against all states and citizens of the US and should be as punishable as any treasonous act. At minimum the state should be denied any Federal funds or protections. The sanctuary city and state game needs to be brought to an end ! Maybe the elimination of votes from these states in any national elections is a good place to start!

  11. Even if it’s a Sheriff or even a Judge, they are not exception of Federal law. Conniving, aiding and assisting an illegal immigrants to evade the immigration law subject to be arrested and prosecuted.

  12. Round them up, then LOCK them up! . . . They’re dangerous. There is NO excuse for this. Make sure they are deported PERMANENTLY. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  13. Lord have mercy!!Why are they trying to make us into a third world country??What is wrong with them??Why are allowing innocent Americans to be endangered like this ?

  14. As the County pays for the imprisonment of those people and is not paid by the Feds, it is their responsibility to make such decisions and not yours. If you want to have a say in the matter, then pay the cost of operating those County Jails, or SHUT UP.

  15. Time to REMOVE the sheriff for ignoring federal LAW and putting the residents of this area in danger.

  16. Clearly, this liberal sheriff has no business holding his office if he jeopardizes the lives and safety of the citizens of not only his stare… but the country. He must be removed and the rule of law must be obeyed… what gives him the right to do this ?

  17. These people should be deported, I know they say they’re looking for a better life (aren’t we all, and I was born here) but I don’t think the American people should have to suffer losses to help them stay here when it’s soooo totally unappreciated! Those that really want a better life should be able to stay…AND ABIDE BY…ALL…LAWS. If they’re only cons wanting to rip off the American people…NO!!!…DEPORT THEM, somehow I believe there is a way to do this without ICE

  18. This is why our Country is in such dire straights. Criminals, Homelessness and Violence is replacing our “RULES OF LAW”. These officials themselves should be brought up on charges for dereliction of duties. They are supposed to protect CITIZENS and instead they’re taking the law into their own hands and putting their constituents in grave danger.
    I don’t understand how the people of that County haven’t rebelled and gotten these people out of office?!? WHAT ARE THESE PEOPLE THINKING?

  19. It makes me sick to know this is going on without anyone doing anything about it. I assure you if any of these animals hurts anyone in my family I will hunt down everyone who is responsible for putting them back on the streets rather than obeying the LAW!! This is not a threat but rather a promise. And if I die protecting my family at least I tried and didn’t just write a disagreement about it I moved on it before they could get to your family. Just sitting around doing nothing but complaining about it will not solve the problem. Cooper and these sheriffs that allows this need to be voted out. It’s only getting worse and before long this country will be at war again here and I hope like hell everyone is ready.

  20. Guess it’s time to get serious about this this releasing illegals and take matters into someones hands. Maybe a civilian swat team needs to pay a visit to McFadden’s home and take care of him. NO ONE is above the law right?
    This stupidity only harms the citizens of the U.S. and if this stupid and I mean stupid McFadden doesn’t think about this, then it’s time he resign or meet a SWAT team sometime during the night.

  21. If this keeps up, we’re headed toward a civil war. This garbage that flies in the face of common sense, the obligations of government to our citizens and US Constitution, and the need for unbiased criminal enforcement cannot be tolerated. A confrontation with these libtards will soon ensue, and the patriots should be ready to defend and uphold it with the help of the government. But first, the Demon-crat coup needs to be quashed at our nation’s capital.

  22. why in the hell are this people that have released these people not being charged for this and if these people that go back out commit a crime the ass that released them should be charged with that committed crime It’s time this brain dead imbecile who is a public servant should be voted out of office why is the people of this town putting up with this. this man if you can call him that was sworn to up hold the law and the safety of the people of that town, why is he being allowed to get by with this? PEOPLE OF THIS TOWN GET SOME BALLS AND GET THIS IMBECILE OUT OF OFFICE BEFORE ONE OF YOU PAY THE PRICE WITH YOUR LIFE AND DON”T THINK IT WON”T HAPPEN BECAUSE IT WILL SOME DAY AND THEN IT WILL BE TO LATE

  23. Why is the Federal Government putting up with this bull$hit? They should file warrants for the Governor and County Heads for aiding and abetting known criminals! What might be even more effective is having an armed militia meet those ba$tards as their released from county custody…..

  24. NC Needs To Vote This Guy OUT, We Don’t Want Sanctuary Cities Or Illegal Alien Criminals In Our State, Deport Them !! Keep #NCRed Support #ICE Or Resign !!

  25. NC Needs To Vote This Guy OUT, We Don’t Want Sanctuary Cities Or Illegal Alien Criminals In Our State, Deport Them !! Keep #NCRed Support #ICE Or Resign !!

  26. If you’re an illegal alien and you get caught selling drugs you’ll be let go but if you’re a citizen you’ll be thrown in jail for years. Whenever it’s an advantage to being illegal alien something needs to be corrected. The people who we sent to represent us just use their offices to make money we need honorable peopleTo represent us and until that happens this will be normal

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