Derek Chauvin in Solitary Confinement for 23 Hours a Day

Derek Chauvin

Former Minneapolis police Officer Derek Chauvin has been moved to the state’s highest-security prison, where he is in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day.

A jury pronounced Chauvin guilty on all three counts in George Floyd’s death after roughly 10 hours of deliberation.

Chauvin was transported to the Minnesota Correctional Facility-Oak Park Heights after the verdict. He was immediately moved to an isolated wing of the prison.

Chauvin will be alone in his cell — which contains a bench, mattress pad, shower, and toilet-sink combination — 23 out of 24 hours per day. Chauvin will be allowed to exercise during the one hour he is allowed out of his cell.

“The isolated cells, which hold around 41 inmates, are closely monitored by prison guards, who are expected to check on prisoners ‘at least’ every 30 minutes,” Forbes reported. “[I]nmates are also monitored by a mental health professional if they are in the cells for more than 30 days.”

The prison is about 25 miles east of Minneapolis. It is considered “one of the safest for high-risk offenders as the prison has never had an escape, and only one homicide,” according to Forbes.

Sarah Fitzgerald, spokesperson for the Minnesota Department of Corrections, said in a statement to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune that “Administrative segregation is used when someone’s presence in the general population is a safety concern.”

Chauvin will stay at the maximum-security prison at least until sentencing, which is set to take place in June.

Chauvin was found guilty on all three charges of second-degree murder, third-degree murder, and second-degree manslaughter. The charges carry penalties of up to 40 years, 25 years, and 10 years in prison, respectively.

Chauvin’s defense team is expected to appeal the convictions.

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4 Thoughts to “Derek Chauvin in Solitary Confinement for 23 Hours a Day”

  1. Robert6391

    Ask Chauvin if he would like to go into general population, and have more freedoms.
    Chauvin 2nd degree murder will stand under the DEPRAVED INDIFFERENCE laws of this USA. When you are told a person in custody has no pulse and you make no effort to do what the law requires , that you try to get hem breathing again and Chauvin kept his leg on the person for 2 more minutes after the person had no pulse, that in itself is a criminal offence.

  2. Cliff

    It bad enough “MOB RULE”, “maxi-pad” waters and dementia-joe biden opened their “pieholes”, as well as the communist-run media that “outed” the names of the jurors as a THREAT to do as THEY wanted), that basically LYNCHED this police officer in an effort to save their “city” from being burned to the ground by the black “MOB”. But to keep him in solitary IS “cruel and unusual” punishment.
    This was nothing more than a “political hit job” NOT a ‘trial”
    Floyd was nothing more than a drug-overdosed career criminal, that was a walking dead man.

  3. Crackerjack

    What’s the reason for that pretty stupid deal the man has not been sentenced yet but you put him in solitary confinement if all the info had come out things might have been different it’s called selected information scr3d up court system in this country proved that in the election

  4. Paul Fishman

    This former Big Mac will have to live in solitary confinement for the rest of his life because interaction with other prisoners and guards will result in his immediate execution.

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